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Behind every news event are the values that drive people and nations. See how they offer a deeper, clearer understanding of the latest stories, or sort through all our stories by the different values beneath them.

Rebuilding trust

Where is trust most needed? How can it be learned? Explore how people worldwide are navigating times of mistrust and discover how we can begin to build trust in each other.


The effort to find a harmony between extremes, not to avoid confrontation or make bold ideas blander or more palatable.


The coming together of individuals or groups to form bonds of fellowship that strengthen and enrich themselves and those around them.

Germans can now be dual citizens. But will society treat them like they belong?

Podcast: Why We Wrote This

Why greening a city meant first winning over its jaded residents

‘This is not our war.’ Lebanese Christians caught between Hezbollah and Israel.

Cricket is having a moment in the US. Can it bowl over American audiences?

In South Africa, curbing violence starts with showing boys their potential

Jail time for leaving gun in an unlocked car? Cities nudge states on firearm laws.


An unselfish love that embraces others.

The Soviets stifled volunteerism in Russia. Torrential flooding may be reviving it.

Amid isolation over Gaza, Israelis grapple with ‘becoming outcasts’

Some Ukrainian soldiers are struggling with a personal foe: gambling addiction

How doulas and cafes help people break the last taboo – talking about death

Sam Schultz: A heart for service on the US-Mexico border

Difference Maker

Meet the Canadian who’s feeding Ukraine’s stray dogs


The effort to work together, respecting the diverse strengths and views in others.


The honest struggle to overcome fear and suffering from a desire to do right. Hatred and anger are not courage.

A Civil War hero got a new statue. Her name is Harriet Tubman.

Difference Maker

For this housewife-turned-commander, the Ukrainian battlefield is the place to be

Islamists target northern Mozambique – especially the children

Taiwan protesters meet China’s intimidation with defiance

Podcast: Why We Wrote This

A ‘disproportionate toll’: A woman of Gaza on what Gaza’s women face

This journalist exposed corruption in the Malawian army. Now he’s on the run.


The application of inventiveness, originality, and imagination to address a problem or produce something fresh.


An inherent quality or worth that cannot be degraded.


The effort to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to thrive and be treated with respect.


The effort to base decisions and judgments on impartial fact and proof without bias toward one group or viewpoint.


An overcoming of resentment or a desire for vengeance in the face of injustice. It never excuses wrong behavior.


The unhindered expression of universal rights, qualities, and dignity. Freedom expands rights rather than pitting one against another.


An expression of compassion that gives of one’s own gifts – a sharing of abundance or charity despite hardship.


The deep recognition or appreciation of goodness or generosity in others.


A commitment to truth that challenges oneself and others to look at issues deeply, without deceit or bias.


The earnest expectation of good, no matter the circumstances.

In Pokrovsk, Ukraine, a rose is a rose – and a sign of resilience and hope

Where the wildflowers grow ... in a Ukrainian war zone

Disempowered but not discouraged, Kashmiris vote in record numbers

Difference Maker

Vocational restaurants in Laos cook up a brighter future for young people

In Gaza and Israel, an exhausting cycle of hope and hopelessness

Israeli protesters are back on their feet. Missing is a unified voice.


Free from pride or arrogance; not impotent or subservient.


The search for new ways to find solutions and discoveries.


The commitment to acting honestly and according to high principles of compassion, responsibility, and fairness.


A happiness whose genuineness and radiance brightens others.


The effort to ensure the fair and moral treatment of everyone. Honesty and reformation create the conditions for restoration.


The calm achieved in the struggle to overcome strife or find personal meaning. It is not achieved merely through force or avoidance.

To avoid war, Israel and Hezbollah shift their red lines. But war heats up.

ICC prosecutor angers Israel, Hamas, but will that impact the war?

The Monitor's View

War in Gaza sparks a reckoning

Iran’s official line on exchange with Israel: Deterrence restored

Gaza cease-fire talks: Egypt, US hopeful a formula has been found

The Monitor's View

Opportunity knocks in Central Asia


The thriving of people or communities. It can involve monetary wealth but points more deeply to well-being.


The strength expressed by people and communities in recovering from difficulties. It involves victories – small or large – amid adversity.

The Monitor's View

Safe learning for children in war zones

Criticized, doubted, and now champions. How two Celtics rewrote their story.

They came to the US against their will. Their descendants returned to Africa for them.

In Pokrovsk, Ukraine, a rose is a rose – and a sign of resilience and hope

Old-timey organ-grinders try to keep pace with modern Mexico City

Once a seaside getaway, Gaza ‘safe zone’ now feels like a polluted prison


An appreciation for others’ efforts or principles that promotes cooperation instead of anger or distrust. It does not excuse wrongdoing.

The Paralympics are coming to Paris. Will Paralympians be able to get around?

On Ukraine’s battlefields, this group respects fallen soldiers – no matter which side

Podcast: Why We Wrote This

For Harlem, can a renaissance remembered also be revived?

Free pads and frank discussion: Bangkok schools tackle ‘period poverty’

How Cleopatra got caught up in a culture war

When a beauty pageant becomes a feminist frontier


Fulfilling a duty to act from high motives, with due consideration for the care of oneself and others.


The belonging and freedom from fear that come with peace and trust. Safety strengthens as it expands, not harming one at the expense of another.

‘This is not our war.’ Lebanese Christians caught between Hezbollah and Israel.

Why Israeli relief over hostages’ rescue from Gaza was short-lived

Jail time for leaving gun in an unlocked car? Cities nudge states on firearm laws.

Once a seaside getaway, Gaza ‘safe zone’ now feels like a polluted prison

Political assaults aren’t just a Slovakia problem. Germany is seeing them, too.

As Paris preps for Olympics, safety of the iconic River Seine remains in question


A change driven by an honest desire to improve, which gives fresh strength and purpose.

Vancouver needs homes. Local First Nations have plans on how to provide them.

Even before his latest victory, Modi was reshaping India. These numbers show how.

The Kremlin is all-in on war in Ukraine. That includes transforming Russia’s economy.

What unpopular president’s death means for continuity vs. change in Iran

AI could transform internet search. Even Google is disrupting its own kingdom.

Tesla news looks grim. But the bigger picture for EVs is a bright one.