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  • First Look Forensic experts search for Mexico's missing

    Since December 2012, more than 21,280 have gone missing in Mexico's long and deadly drug war. Now Argentine forensic scientists are attempting to provide some closure for Mexican families where a corrupt government has failed to provide answers. 

  • With few choices, the poor take risk in volcano's path

    Lowering risks requires understanding their root causes. Guatemala’s deadly volcanic eruption has highlighted a problem seen around the world: that poor communities often live where it’s cheapest, despite the dangers.

  • First Look Asylum-seekers line up at US-Mexico border

    Despite a tough stance on immigration by the Trump administration the number of Mexicans and Central Americans seeking legal entry into the US continues to climb. Between 2014 and 2017 the number of asylum filings have tripled to 142,000, the highest level in more than 20 years.

  • Briefing Briefing: Why violence has flared in Nicaragua

    Frustrations with President Daniel Ortega's increasingly authoritarian presidency have mounted for years. In recent weeks, citizen protests and a violent crackdown have swept the country.

  • Syrian students find an unlikely home, and hope, in Mexico

    Disorienting as migration may be, most newcomers to Europe can count on finding peers who share their language, faith, and traditions. Largely isolated from their countrymen, a small group of Syrian students in Mexico are striving to build community. 


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A crew member hugs a migrant child aboard the Aquarius rescue ship before disembarking in the port of Valencia, Spain, June 17.

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