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  • Can foreign policy be feminist? Sweden says yes.

    Gender equality isn't just a domestic issue, according to Stockholm. It's an ideal that countries can help implement around the world – but not without wrinkles. Part 5 of Reaching for Equity: a global series on gender and power.

  • First Look Zuma resigns after deluge of scandals

    South African President Jacob Zuma announced his resignation late Wednesday after mounting accusations of corruption. The South African parliament is expected to elect Zuma's replacement, Cyril Ramaphosa, by the end of the week.

  • First Look African reality show trains youths in farming

    The TV show aims to challenge prejudices surrounding farming-related careers to prove that agriculture can be fun and profitable by giving young people in Kenya and Tanzania plots of land to cultivate with a cash prize for the most productive.

  • Presidential limbo in South Africa: Why Zuma's appeal persists

    The African National Congress has been in power since the end of apartheid. Party leaders are keen to replace scandal-laden President Zuma ahead of their toughest election yet. But if frustrations with Mr. Zuma are telling, so is his lingering support.

  • First Look South Sudan hopeful at release of child soldiers

    More than 300 child soldiers have been released and accepted back into their homes by their families. Although a sign of hope and peace, aid workers worry that renewed violence may cause children to be recruited again by armed groups.


Photos of the Week 02/19 Photos of the Week

Israeli scientists participate in an experiment simulating a mission to Mars, at the D-MARS Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station project of Israel's Space Agency, Ministry of Science, near Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, Feb. 18.

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