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  • When Olympism runs in the family

    From the bobsledding niece of an MLB player to the daughter of Olympic rowers, a number of this year's Winter Olympians have been propelled by athletically accomplished relatives. But 'propelled' doesn't always mean 'pressured.'

  • America’s Olympic team: faster, higher, stronger for longer – with kids

    Traditionally, many Olympians hang up their skates, skis, and sleds in order to have a family. Today, more teams are helping athletes balance parenthood and full-time training to extend their careers.

  • Off the slopes, Olympians look up and out for a larger cause

    Olympians’ intense focus and self-sacrifice is key to reaching the highest levels of their sport, but leaves some hungry for a bigger purpose. Many competitors in Pyeongchang have embraced causes or relationships beyond their performance, looking for an even deeper sense of fulfillment.

  • At winter Olympics, science wins the day

    In sports like bobsled, luge, and snowboarding, where fractions of a second make a difference, it's not only athletes who are crucial. Hundreds of technicians work behind the scenes to help teams adjust to conditions that change by the day, if not the hour.

  • Winter Olympics – forging peace or false dawn?

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in hopes North Korea's participation in the Winter Olympics will pave the way to reconciliation. If it turns out to be flimflam, diplomacy will be weakened and the threat of war could loom again.


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A man collects lotus flowers to sell while floating on a tire tube at a pond in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Feb. 23.

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