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  • The living Word of the Bible

    In light of International Day of the Bible this Sunday, today’s contributor shares how understanding the inspired Word of the Bible has been an invaluable guide and source of strength throughout her life.

  • Beyond political division

    Here’s a podcast conversation between the editor of the Monitor and a Christian Science practitioner and teacher. They share spiritual insights on a subject that’s front and center these days: How can we get beyond the political division that’s so prevalent?

  • After the fires, a ‘still small voice’

    Today’s contributor explores the power of God’s limitless love to support, sustain, and empower individuals and communities, even in the face of overwhelming and tragic situations. When we heard about the fires being battled now in California, we immediately thought of this piece, which originally ran during the fires there last fall. Its message is as timely and powerful now as it was then.

  • What makes a veteran?

    Today’s contributor considers the spiritual power of qualities such as strength, honor, integrity, and brotherly love expressed by veterans from all walks of life.

  • Remembrance without grief

    When the younger sister of today’s contributor died unexpectedly, the idea of “praying without ceasing” brought a tangible sense of God’s love, instead of the darkness of grief.

  • Feeling the love that melts away fear

    “I had felt how God’s love isn’t just theoretical; it is tangibly real,” recalls today’s contributor, who found that opening up to God’s love gave him the presence of mind to extricate himself from a frightening and dangerous situation.

  • The power of Christ is with us today

    Today’s contributor explores an account in the Bible where Jesus calmed a stormy sea – and the contemporary lessons it offers of peace for our own lives and communities, even in the midst of the storms of politics.

  • My pastor saved me from suicide

    Today’s contributor shares how the spiritual, healing ideas in the Bible and the Christian Science textbook freed her from despair and the temptation to commit suicide.

  • Safety and stability in a storm

    When the weather suddenly changed for the worse during a road trip, today’s contributor prayed to understand that God’s protecting love and care were right at hand.

  • The pressure we want

    Today’s contributor writes about a different kind of pressure, stemming from the desire to share God’s love, which gives rest to our souls, confidence for our tasks, and joy to face each day.

  • Quelling anger, finding common ground

    At a time when “common ground” and “politics” too often seem mutually exclusive, there are sparks of hope (see today’s Monitor Daily article on this topic). Today’s column explores a spiritual basis for unity, civility, and progress in the political arena.

  • Go beyond party lines – be a healer!

    Even the smallest conversation among people with differing political viewpoints can provide an opportunity for God’s love for all of us to shine through.

  • A prayer for Pittsburgh

    “Let all that now divides us remove and pass away,” urges the hymn in today’s column, which points to peace and unity, not division and hate, as normal and natural.

  • Deep sanity

    Today’s column explores how to find spiritual poise, calm, and clarity in the midst of life’s storms.

  • Rise above political polarization

    This contributor found that an understanding of God’s boundless love helps us more clearly hear what others are saying and opens the door to unity and progress.

  • Getting to know our spirituality

    At a time when spiritual and moral conversation has declined in the United States (see today’s Monitor Daily article on this topic) and other parts of the world, today’s column explores what it means to be spiritual and the healing effect this can have in our lives.

  • A Soul-filled life

    Today’s contributor, a lifelong Aretha Franklin fan, shares how a deeper look at what it means to express Soul freed her from recurring bouts of stage fright. 

  • A superpower we all truly have

    Today’s article explores the idea of God as the infinite Mind that sends us inspiration and ideas even when we’re feeling stuck.

  • Loaves, fish, and … cherry tomatoes

    Out of food and money, today’s contributor found comfort in the Bible, which brought her a newfound confidence in God’s care for all. Very soon, her family’s immediate needs were met in unexpected ways.

  • Integrity – it’s inherent in all of us

    The more we recognize integrity as naturally expressed in God’s creation, the more equipped we are to know and do what’s right.

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More Christian Science Perspective
  • Never without a parent

    In every moment and every situation, the limitless love of our divine Parent is right there to lift anger, sadness, and hate and lead us forward.

  • Prayer as Brexit negotiations continue

    As discussions on the UK's exit from the European Union go down to the wire, today’s column explores how a deeper spiritual understanding can support the negotiations and help open the way to practical solutions.

  • Overcoming the Monday morning blues

    Today’s contributor shares spiritual ideas that brought a fresh sense of meaning and inspiration to her days, freeing her from a recurring dread of the coming workweek.

  • A foundation for ethics in business

    In today’s column, a businessman explores how Jesus’ teachings can inspire honesty – and the courage to express it – in our lives.

  • A walk down ‘Harmony Lane’

    “What are we buying into: harmony or turmoil?” asks today’s contributor, who found safety, during a menacing moment, in the idea of harmony as a present spiritual reality.

  • When problems seem overwhelming

    Today’s column explores the idea that God, divine Love, is “big” enough to meet every need, to fill every void, to comfort every heart, including for those struggling with dark or suicidal thoughts.

  • The ‘Thank you!’ that heals

    In light of Canada’s upcoming celebration of Thanksgiving Day, today’s contributor shares some ideas on gratitude – why it’s important, and how it helps us better understand God.

  • Finding freedom after the shock of an aggressive encounter

    After a fellow college student drunkenly tried to force himself into her room, today’s contributor found peace, strength, and freedom from lingering anxiety as she gained a new view of herself as God’s loved child.

  • Look for the burning bush

    Today’s contributor explores how we can be more open to finding tangible evidence of the presence of God in our lives.

  • Forever child

    Today’s column explores, through poetry, our good and joyful nature as the children of God.