Commentary A Christian Science Perspective

  • Beyond skin color

    Today’s contributor reflects on lessons he learned as he prayed about prejudice after moving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Norway – and how those lessons continue to shape the way he sees others.

  • The fullness of God's love, enough to meet our needs

    In today’s column, a woman shares how she prayed when her well was nearly empty – offering practical ideas for experiencing God’s inexhaustible goodness.

  • Take your prayers to the finish line

    In today’s column, a woman shares how she prayed – and was healed – after she experienced a frightening pain in her side.

  • The irrepressibility of life

    Today’s column explores how an understanding of God as indestructible, eternal Life itself brings renewal.

  • Living together in harmony

    Today’s column touches on what it means to follow the golden rule and love one’s neighbor.

  • Significant other, or significant one?

    Today’s column explores the idea that everyone is precious in the eyes of God, who knows us as the cherished reflection of divine Love.

  • An expanded view of prayer – that heals!

    Today's column includes an exploration of how prayer can – and did – bring quick and complete physical healing to a woman suffering from the flu.

  • Goodbye, self-condemnation

    Today’s column comes from a young athlete who shares how identifying himself as God’s spiritual, capable, and valuable child enabled him to stop fixating on mistakes and instead experience more joy, confidence, and progress on the baseball field.

  • A 'graceless age,' or God-given grace for all?

    Today’s article explores the idea that there’s a God-given law of good that we can all discern – that the grace of God, divine Love itself, is bestowed on everyone.

  • Living our inherent dignity

    Today’s column explores how an understanding of everyone’s God-given dignity and worth can bless us and others.

  • Everyone can win gold for integrity!

    Thinking ahead to the Olympic Games in South Korea, today’s column looks at the power of being true to our inherent integrity as the sons and daughters of God.

  • Goals, progress, and God’s promise of good

    Today’s column explores the idea that as we listen for God’s guidance and follow obediently, good unfolds in ways we could not possibly have outlined.

  • What if the crime is unforgivable?

    In today’s column, a woman shares how she was led to see that all – including our seeming 'enemies' – have an innate ability to live up to their true nature as divine Love’s reflection.

  • Don't put up with contagion

    Today’s contributor shares how ‘turning off’ the thought that sickness is inevitable by considering everyone’s real identity as God’s flawless, spiritual child brought quick healing.

  • Healed of hepatitis

    In today’s column, a woman shares how she and her husband were quickly healed of hepatitis through an understanding of our true nature as God’s creation.

  • Finding home in letting our light shine

    Today’s column explores how one man’s desire to express Godlike qualities such as love, peace, and joy brought him a deeper, truer sense of home that can never be lost.

  • No more a servant

    Today’s column is a poem that speaks to the idea of man as well as woman as the loved, valued, and blessed children of God.

  • Accident protection

    A Christian Science perspective: Understanding that God perpetually cares for everyone can bring safety as well as restoration and healing where needed.

  • Foot condition healed

    A Christian Science perspective: Illness is not part of anyone’s real identity, because it does not come from God, our infinitely good creator.

May 5, 2017

Photos of the day 05/05

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspects the defence detachment on Jangjae Islet and the Hero Defence Detachment on Mu Islet located in the southernmost part of the waters off the southwest front, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency on Friday.

More Christian Science Perspective
  • A love that keeps on loving

    A Christian Science perspective: A teenager who had to give her child up for adoption learned we can never be separated from those we love because God is Love, and we are united forever with one another in this Love.

  • Supporting good government

    A Christian Science perspective: By truly letting God’s law of good govern us, we are contributing to the reign of peace in our world.

  • Meaningful giving

    A Christian Science perspective: As the reflection of God, infinite Love, everyone has something meaningful to give – we’re never left without love to express.

  • Abundance and the global economy

    A Christian Science perspective: God is constantly communicating the ideas we need to express His intelligence, love, and goodness in serving others and seeing our own needs met.

  • Toward consistent cooperation

    A Christian Science perspective: An honest desire to love and obey God, divine Love, opens the way for harmonious collaboration with others.

  • Home is a power

    A Christian Science perspective: An understanding of God’s goodness, tenderness, and perpetual care for all His children brings a sense of home that can never be lost.

  • The joy that's ours

    A Christian Science perspective: Allowing our hearts to feel God’s joy opens our eyes to more of the infinite good God has for everyone.

  • Building a just society through God’s love

    A Christian Science perspective: Holding to everyone’s real identity as the reflection of divine Love is the basis for overcoming social injustice.

  • Fear of public speaking overcome

    A Christian Science perspective: In situations large and small, we can call on God and feel the presence and care of the divine Love that frees us from fear.

  • Expressing honesty – it’s never too late

    A Christian Science perspective: The spiritual man of God’s creating – which includes all of us – is not prone to deceit or deception.