Commentary A Christian Science Perspective

  • Growing in grace

    When today’s contributor realized she was feeling self-conscious and unworthy leading up to her sister’s wedding, her desire to feel and express genuine love and joy led to a meaningful lesson in God’s love for all.

  • Discoveries that heal – wherever we are

    A backpacking trip brought today’s contributor to a stunningly beautiful clear blue mountain lake, but even more awesome were the new views of God that she experienced during that challenging hike in the mountains.

  • Angels that keep us safe

    Today’s contributor shares how a new way of thinking about angels has brought her comfort and calm even during troubling situations.

  • Always a way out

    In celebration of the recent rescue of 12 Thai boys and their coach from a flooded cave, today’s contributor reflects on spiritual ideas that helped her in a dangerous situation and have inspired her prayers for others facing similar challenges.

  • Out of the depths of depression

    For today’s contributor, who at one point attempted suicide, the idea that God not only exists but is good and always present became so powerful to him that he was freed from mental darkness.

  • Dissolve racism

    Shocked to realize that she was emulating behavior she’d seen growing up under apartheid, today’s contributor found that racist thoughts and habits fell away as she began to see everyone as God’s unique, vibrant, and beautiful creation.

  • Morality and freedom

    Today’s column explores a concept of morality that’s liberating, not confining, because it’s based on God’s love for all.

  • Just love

    Today’s column considers just how powerful the spirit of love can be.

  • Love your enemies?

    At a time when people are increasingly realizing the need for less friction and conflict among those with opposing views, the gospel message of loving our enemies seems more relevant than ever. Today we share a poem that helps show us how.

  • Politics and geese

    When ongoing, heated disagreement hampered a group’s ability to move forward, today’s contributor experienced the unifying power of the idea that there is one God.

  • Celebrating the 2018 World Cup

    Today’s contributor, a keen soccer enthusiast, shares some spiritual ideas that have enhanced his appreciation of sports as a player, coach, and spectator.

  • See potential in every child

    Today’s contributor shares how the idea that everyone has a God-given ability to succeed inspired her work as a special education teacher.

  • A fuller freedom

    Today’s column includes a poem and quotes that point to our inherent freedom and unity.

  • I am free

    Inspired by the story of a slave claiming his freedom, today’s contributor took a spiritual stand for her own liberation from chronic pain.

  • Protest and progress

    Today’s contributor explores a revolutionary approach to protest that brings genuine, lasting progress.

  • The real scale of happiness

    Today’s contributor found that seeking a more spiritual sense of her identity freed her from an unhealthy focus on her diet and weight.

  • ‘To one person, you may be the world’

    Today’s column explores the value of selflessness that’s not simply about doing good deeds but about letting God’s love impel our actions.

  • Helping those who feel cut off from love

    Today’s article includes an account of how one woman’s prayers inspired her to know how to help a child who felt his life was no longer worth living.

  • A commitment to universal dignity

    We can all play a role in upholding a sense of worth and value that’s inherent in each and every one of God’s children.

  • Relabeling ourselves

    Today’s column considers how a different, more spiritual way of identifying ourselves and others can have a healing impact.

May 5, 2017

Photos of the day 05/05

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspects the defence detachment on Jangjae Islet and the Hero Defence Detachment on Mu Islet located in the southernmost part of the waters off the southwest front, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency on Friday.

More Christian Science Perspective
  • ‘Home in every place’

    Today’s column, which includes a poem and related quotes, considers a sense of home we experience through feeling close to God.

  • Why you are always qualified

    Today’s contributor shares how she was freed from a crippling sense of inadequacy and hopelessness during job transitions when she realized her real job was simply to express God.

  • What helps me be a better parent

    Today’s contributor shares how a more spiritual perspective of fatherhood has helped him become a better dad.

  • A way out of darkness

    In light of growing public concern about suicide rates, today’s contributor shares how considering God as endless Love freed her from feeling that it would be better if she were no longer around.

  • Lessons from a rearview mirror

    The idea that there’s a divine basis for growth and progress freed today’s contributor from the pull of disturbing memories.

  • A ‘Mr. Right’ search

    Today’s contributor was freed from self-condemnation and remorse over failed marriages as she gained a more spiritual sense of the nature of love.

  • Taking the side to end conflict

    This contributor learned how letting God guide us gives practical ways to resolve divisive issues, which helped her avoid a repeat of a racially motivated altercation.

  • Overcoming thoughts of suicide

    Today’s contributor shares spiritual ideas that enabled her to help a friend struggling with the question of whether his life was worth living.

  • Holy, healing awe

    Setting aside quiet moments to experience God’s presence and peace brings healing and inspiration.

  • Developing our talents

    For today’s contributor, who had a passion for dance, limitations fell away as she came to understand God as the source of limitless good.