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Commentary | A Christian Science Perspective

  • Healed of a smoking addiction

    For today’s contributor, a better understanding of God was key in finding her freedom from a 20-year smoking habit and the effects it was having on her health.

  • Shut down fear of contagion

    For today’s contributor, an interaction at an exercise class inspired a kinder, less fearful, spiritual way to think about one’s neighbor.

  • Looking up

    Today’s contributor has found that, in the face of difficult circumstances, looking to God – and not dwelling on the problem – makes a big difference in her life.

  • Helping to overcome gun violence

    Every life lost to violence is one too many. But it’s also true that even one life saved is cause for rejoicing. Today, as many remember last year’s shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., here’s a podcast in which a military chaplain shares a moving story from his seminary days that speaks to how listening in prayer for God’s guidance can help prevent acts of violence.

  • A healing Science all can practice

    As much as today’s contributor enjoyed her involvement with the Apollo space program, there’s a science she’s found even more valuable to study and put into practice: the Science behind Jesus’ healing ministry, which has led to healing experiences of her own.

  • At home in the heart of Paris

    Years of unsuccessfully searching for affordable housing closer to her job left today’s contributor discouraged. But considering a more spiritual view of home shifted her outlook completely, and soon she found a flat that met her needs beautifully.

  • Powerful protest

    Today’s contributor considers how a spiritual approach to “protest” isn’t a secondary option but one that actively supports and even impels positive change.

  • Embracing, rather than bracing for, Mondays

    Today’s contributor shares some spiritual ideas that inspire her to greet each new day with joy and an expectancy of good.

  • A clean slate for victims and abusers

    Is it inevitable that a traumatic experience cause lasting damage? Today’s column explores how an understanding of one’s innate spiritual purity can bring mental peace to victims and inspire remorse and repentance in perpetrators.

  • The power of honesty

    When an employer’s payroll error left one woman’s family between a rock and a hard place, the idea that we all have a God-given ability to do what’s right brought courage and calm, and the situation was soon resolved fairly to everyone’s satisfaction.

More Christian Science Perspective
  • Truth and taxes

    When today’s contributor didn’t have enough funds to pay her taxes, she found that gratitude and prayer made all the difference. After she relied on what she understood of God’s unceasing supply and care for His children, money from an unexpected source presented itself – and her needs were met.

  • Learning our God-given identity, losing panic attacks

    Today’s contributor was freed from panic attacks, as well as an addiction to the drug she was taking to manage them, as she learned more about how God knows her.

  • What does it mean to be a real man?

    For today’s contributor, whose self-doubt brought him to the verge of self-destruction, the realization that manhood has to do with spiritual qualities, not conquests or achievements, was life-changing.

  • Facing perilous predictions with prayer

    In light of forecasts that an increase in extreme weather conditions could become a new normal, here’s an article exploring how a spiritual perspective can empower us to resist fear and open our hearts to God’s goodness.

  • Our true identity can’t be stolen

    When fraudulent charges appeared on her credit-card bill, today’s contributor was skeptical that the situation would be resolved. But considering a spiritual view of identity as safeguarded by God brought a more productive outlook – and resolution ensued.

  • From racial profiling to ‘You are my brother’

    When today’s contributor was pulled over and the police officers became belligerent, prayer and a desire to help others do what’s right kept him calm, paving the way for a peaceful and fair outcome.

  • Getting along with each other

    When an ongoing disagreement threatened to undermine a friendship, a newfound sense of what it means that we are all sisters and brothers in God turned things around completely.

  • Morality that’s freeing

    Today’s contributor explores the idea that living our inherent integrity as God’s children brings joy and healing.

  • The power of being magnanimous

    When complications arose with a vendor agreement, today’s contributor found that there’s plenty of good to go around because God’s goodness is universal and limitless.

  • Resolving impasses: My way, or God’s way?

    Today’s contributor explores the power of God’s light and inspiration to resolve deadlock.