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  • First Look US Army teaches cultural competence for Assistance Brigade

    As the US military shifts its focus to supporting local security forces and their efforts to stabilize conflict zones, the Army has started weighing cultural readiness and empathy as valuable traits for the new Security Force Assistance Brigades.

  • ISIS post caliphate: who's left, and where they are

    The rapid territorial losses in Iraq and Syria will likely drive the jihadists underground there, but ISIS 'provinces' and expatriates are scattered broadly, and the resilient organization remains a threat even without its caliphate.

  • What the US is really doing in Niger

    The deaths of the four US troops have awoken Americans to military deployments in Africa. With ISIS ousted from its capital in Syria, Pentagon officials say, US counterterrorism efforts are likely to focus even more on Africa.


Photos of the Week Photos of the week 12/11

USS Nimitz Logistics Spc. 3rd Class Michael Zegarra swings his wife Caterina into the air as they embrace on the pier at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton, Wash., on Dec. 10. The USS Nimitz returned from a six-month deployment.

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