• The Christian Science Monitor Daily Podcast

    The editors of The Christian Science Monitor take you beyond the headlines with the ideas driving progress in this 15-minute news briefing. The Monitor Daily Podcast is available each Monday through Friday at 6 pm ET. For more information on the Daily or The Christian Science Monitor, visit csmonitor.com. Send your comments, suggestions or thoughts to podcast@csmonitor.com.

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  • Rethinking the News

    The constant news cycle can leave anyone feeling unsure of what is accurate or who to believe. In this podcast, we create space for constructive conversations across a range of perspectives and give our listeners the information they need to come to their own conclusions. Hosted by staff members of The Christian Science Monitor, a nonpartisan news organization with bureaus around the globe. Visit csmonitor.com/rethinkingthenews to learn more.

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  • Perception Gaps

    When perception doesn’t line up with reality

    What happens when what you think is true doesn’t line up with reality? We call that a perception gap, and it can lead to damaging misconceptions about society’s most pressing issues. In this podcast, we explore the spaces where our perceptions don’t reflect the truth of the world around us – and in doing so look for solutions and common ground. Hosted by The Christian Science Monitor’s Samantha Laine Perfas. 

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