Why We Wrote This

Who reports the news? People. And at The Christian Science Monitor, we believe that it’s our job to report each story with a sense of shared humanity. Through conversations with our reporters and editors, we explain the qualities behind our reporting that affect how we approach the news. Behind today’s headlines we find respect, resilience, dignity, agency, and hope. “Why We Wrote This” shows how. The Monitor is an award-winning, nonpartisan news organization with bureaus around the globe. Visit CSMonitor.com/whywewrotethis to learn more.

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The Christian Science Monitor Daily Podcast

The editors of The Christian Science Monitor take you beyond the headlines with the ideas driving progress in this 15-minute news briefing. The Monitor Daily Podcast is available each Monday through Friday at 6 pm ET. For more information on the Daily or The Christian Science Monitor, visit csmonitor.com. Send your comments, suggestions or thoughts to podcast@csmonitor.com.

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Say That Again?

Accent is identity. The way we speak is shaped by our families, communities, histories, beliefs, and experiences. This podcast shares stories of people finding pride and dignity in their accents, dialects, and voices. Their journeys bring to life our shared human desire to be understood – and to understand one another. Hosted by Jessica Mendoza and Jingnan Peng.

Do you have a story about your accent or language? Tell us about it! Email us at podcast@csmonitor.com

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People Making a Difference

A podcast about people who are, step by step, making a better world

In a world of problems, this eight-episode podcast talks to the problem solvers. These are ordinary individuals worldwide who are stepping up. They offer credible hope, find innovative answers, fuel generosity, and inspire others to uplift their fellow human beings.  Each episode offers a specific challenge for listeners to make a difference. Hosted by Dave Scott.

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The pandemic has done a real number on the American workforce. But no demographic has been more affected than women. They’ve lost the most jobs and faced the most burnout. And we’ve leaned on them heavily to get us through the past year-plus. In this podcast, we bring you stories from six women in Las Vegas, one of the hardest hit economies in the country. Through them, we see the depth of the challenges women have faced – and what their strength, resilience, and openness to reinvention show us about how to move forward. Hosted and produced by Jessica Mendoza and Samantha Laine Perfas. Visit csmonitor.com/stronger to learn more.

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Tulsa Rising

This is the story of a city wrestling with its history and – maybe – forging a better future. On May 31 and June 1, 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma, became the site of a brutal race massacre when a white mob destroyed the Black business district of Greenwood. Now, Tulsa is commemorating the massacre’s centennial. “Tulsa Rising” explores the painful, lasting legacy of this event, but also the hope rising within the city as a new generation begins to process and own the spirit of Black Wall Street. Hosted and produced by Jessica Mendoza and Samantha Laine Perfas. Visit www.CSMonitor.com/tulsarising to learn more.

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Perception Gaps

When perception doesn’t line up with reality

What happens when what you think is true doesn’t line up with reality? We call that a perception gap, and it can lead to damaging misconceptions about society’s most pressing issues. In this podcast, we explore the spaces where our perceptions don’t reflect the truth of the world around us – and in doing so look for solutions and common ground. Hosted by The Christian Science Monitor’s Samantha Laine Perfas. 

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