People Making a Difference

A podcast about people who are, step by step, making a better world

In a world of problems, this eight-episode podcast talks to the problem solvers. These are ordinary individuals worldwide who are stepping up. They offer credible hope, find innovative answers, fuel generosity, and inspire others to uplift their fellow human beings.  Each episode offers a specific challenge for listeners to make a difference. Hosted by Dave Scott.

The Sewing Machine Project

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Margaret Jankowski has given away more than 3,300 secondhand sewing machines. But The Sewing Machine Project is also a vehicle for teaching empathy, generosity, and how to repair lives. And she has learned to trust that a good idea has power, and is often shaped in ways she could never have imagined. Hosted by Dave Scott.

The Grace Project

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Megan Cohen struggled with addiction and homelessness for nearly a decade. But then, aided by small acts of kindness by strangers, she turned her life around. Today, at age 28, she leads The Grace Project, which brings food and medical supplies – and hope – to people who are experiencing homelessness and dealing with addiction in Philadelphia. Hosted by Dave Scott.

Global Gardens: Sowing science and peace

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Global Gardens is active in more than a dozen elementary schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yes, it helps kids grow gardens. But sowing seeds is also a path to learning how to cooperate, manage conflict, and nurture critical thinking skills. It's a program about peace, science, and hope. Hosted by Dave Scott.

The Travelling Telescope

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Susan Murabana’s mission is to give all Kenyans equal access to the skies, and to inspire the next generation of scientists. She and her partner have reached about 200,000 schoolchildren with their Travelling Telescope program. A tale of dream-building and love. Hosted by Dave Scott.

Daisy Hampton: Including You

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Twelve-year-old Daisy Hampton’s mission is to forge friendships with peers who have disabilities and help close the digital access gap for kids who face income inequality. Hosted by Dave Scott.

Theresa Betancourt: How ex-child soldiers heal

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Professor Theresa Betancourt of Boston College has studied why some child soldiers in Sierra Leone heal after the trauma of war. But she took it a step further. She’s helping create programs that foster resilience, love, and hope. Hosted by Dave Scott.

LavaMaeX: Hot showers and radical hospitality

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Kris Kepler leads LavaMaeX, a California organization that provides mobile showers for those who are unhoused, and creates Pop-Up Care Villages, providing everything from haircuts to job interviews. A story of hope, empathy, and innovation. Hosted by Dave Scott.

Okere City: A Ugandan hub of progress

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In a little more than two years, Ojok Okello has helped transform a small Ugandan village into a model of rural development, adding a preschool, a boxing club, a shea butter co-op, and an adult literacy program. It’s a vision of progress in the heart of Africa. Hosted by Dave Scott.