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  • First Look At a Brexit summit, EU leaders search for solutions – slowly

    European Union leaders met with British Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels on Wednesday to continue Brexit negotiations. After a failure to address border concerns between Ireland and Northern Ireland, a new sense of "non-urgency" has taken hold among leaders.

  • Migration roils global politics, even as it ebbs

    Never before have so many people – 70 million – been forcibly displaced from their homes. Millions more have chosen to leave in search of a better life. And traditional politics have been thrown into disarray. Part 1 of On the Move: the faces, places, and politics of migration.

  • First Look Iceland seeks closure 10 years after financial crash

    Ten years ago, the Icelandic krona lost almost half of its value overnight after the collapse of Iceland's three major commercial banks. The final prosecution of financial officials deemed responsible began this month with more than 30 people sentenced to a combined 99 years of prison.


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Spectactors attend the opening of the Lumiere 2018 Grand Lyon Film Festival, in Lyon, France, Oct. 13.

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