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Title MPAA Rating Monitor Rating Review Date
‘We Grown Now’ review: Amid gritty Chicago reality, two friends embrace childhood PG 2024-04-18
‘Steve! (Martin)’ review: The wild and crazy (and private) guy shares his story TV-MA 2024-03-29
‘Dune: Part Two’: Sandworms, slick villains, and a would-be savior PG-13 2024-02-29
Lyrical, harrowing ‘Io Capitano’ offers epic immigration tale Unrated 2024-02-22
Beauty and the feast: Savoring ‘The Taste of Things’ PG-13 2024-02-08
‘Perfect Days’ asks, what constitutes a happy life? PG 2024-02-06
The Candy Man can: ‘Wonka’ is scrumpdiddlyumptious PG 2023-12-15
‘The Zone of Interest’ asks us to consider the unthinkable PG-13 2023-12-14
‘American Fiction’ asks: What, in our society, should a Black writer be? R 2023-12-13
Bring your appetite: Wiseman’s latest film is a feast for the eyes Unrated 2023-11-30
What’s the best way to capture Leonard Bernstein? R 2023-11-21
‘The Holdovers’ offers a prep school Scrooge a shot at redemption R 2023-10-26
‘Flower Moon’: A true tale of oil, Native rights, and murder R 2023-10-19
Scenes from a marriage – at a breaking point R 2023-10-12
In ‘Between Two Worlds,’ Juliette Binoche makes the invisible visible Unrated 2023-08-10
‘Oppenheimer’: An ambitious – and epic – cautionary tale R 2023-07-21
Pretty in pink: In tonally uneven ‘Barbie,’ Robbie shines PG-13 2023-07-20
Tom Cruise vs. AI: Can the last movie star defeat computer villain? PG-13 2023-07-12
Raiders of the last ark: Ford dons the fedora one more time PG-13 2023-06-29
‘Asteroid City’: Stars, galaxies, and the meaning of life PG-13 2023-06-15
‘Past Lives’ looks at childhood love, and what we leave behind PG-13 2023-05-31
Catcher and philosopher: Yogi Berra gets his due PG 2023-05-11
Searing drama ‘R.M.N.’ asks, who belongs and who doesn’t? Unrated 2023-04-27