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Title MPAA Rating Monitor Rating Review Date
Cheeky ‘Knives Out’ keeps you guessing (and laughing) PG-13 2019-11-26
Near-perfect ‘A Beautiful Day’ captures the wholeness of Fred Rogers PG 2019-11-20
‘Harriet’ biopic: One woman’s unshakable resolve PG-13 2019-11-01
‘The Irishman’: Scorsese’s latest casts a sentimental eye at hit men R 2019-10-31
Documentary ‘The Cave’ features resilience amid chaos in Syria PG-13 2019-10-23
Hitler as an imaginary friend? ‘Jojo Rabbit’ and the state of satire. PG-13 2019-09-13
Genial ‘Blinded by the Light’ brings together The Boss and immigration PG-13 2019-08-22
“One Child Nation” lays bare China’s population choices R 2019-08-15
Gender inequality, the stubbornest villain in Hollywood Unrated 2019-08-15
‘Bernadette’ on the big screen: How mothers fare on film PG-13 2019-08-08
‘Honeyland’: The unexpected pull of a documentary about beekeeping Unrated 2019-08-01
‘The Farewell’ offers a loving glimpse into Chinese culture PG 2019-07-31
Tarantino turns his lens on Hollywood. Nostalgia and good casting ensue. R 2019-07-26
‘Yesterday’ offers great premise, poor execution PG-13 2019-06-28
‘Toy Story 4’: A satisfying return for Woody and Buzz G 2019-06-20
‘American Woman’ offers a new take on the missing-teen story R 2019-06-13
Espionage and curveballs: ‘The Spy Behind Home Plate’ has both Unrated 2019-06-13
Despite its star-power, ‘Late Night’ is only so-so R 2019-06-06
Ron Howard’s ‘Pavarotti’ offers a tenor for the masses PG-13 2019-06-06
Campy ‘Rocketman’ takes on Elton John R 2019-05-29
Folk rock greats recall LA enclave in ‘Echo in the Canyon’ PG-13 2019-05-29
‘Aladdin’ remake is missing original’s energy PG 2019-05-23
‘Walking on Water’ goes behind the scenes with artist Christo Unrated 2019-05-23
Tender ‘Photograph’ is the antidote to Bollywood clichés PG-13 2019-05-16
‘All Is True’ ponders why Shakespeare put down his quill PG-13 2019-05-10
Chatty ‘Non-Fiction’ explores whether anything is truly made-up R 2019-05-03
‘Long Shot’ stumbles in delivery of mismatched romance R 2019-05-03
Artistry and the Cold War collide in biopic on dancer Nureyev R 2019-04-26
Despair gives way to joy in this tale from Malawi PG 2019-04-26
Avengers take a bow in sentimental ‘Endgame’ PG-13 2019-04-25
‘Satan & Adam’ is an upbeat take on two blues outliers Unrated 2019-04-25
‘Working Woman’ brings serious, #MeToo lens to office stories Unrated 2019-04-24
‘Diane’ is a quiet pleasure Unrated 2019-04-05
Aretha Franklin soars to the heights in ‘Amazing Grace’ G 2019-04-05
'Dumbo' never manages to soar PG 2019-03-29
‘The Eyes of Orson Welles’ focuses on director’s artwork Unrated 2019-03-29
Jordan Peele returns to horror with 'Us' R 2019-03-22
‘The Highwaymen’ retells ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ story R 2019-03-22
‘Ash Is Purest White’ burns with quiet, incandescent force Unrated 2019-03-15
Performances in ‘The Mustang’ have the sharp tang of authenticity R 2019-03-15
'Captain Marvel' lacks wit and oomph PG-13 2019-03-08
'Transit' unfolds an imperiled world with echoes of our own Unrated 2019-03-08
‘Apollo 11’ brings back awe of 1969 moon landing G 2019-03-01
‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ is intricate, inventive R 2019-02-22
‘Who Will Write Our History’ gives witness to Nazi atrocities Unrated 2019-02-15
'Free Solo' chronicles efforts of mountain climber to work without aid of ropes or harnesses PG-13 2019-02-08
'Everybody Knows' is a missing-person whodunit that’s not quite worth solving R 2019-02-08
In ‘Minding the Gap,’ boys battle chaos with skateboarding Unrated 2019-02-01
Artists suffer under communism in ‘Cold War’ R 2019-01-25
‘Stan & Ollie’ pays tribute to classic comedy team PG 2019-01-18
'Destroyer' tries too hard to defy our expectations R 2019-01-11
In ‘The Upside,’ a predictable story yields laughs PG-13 2019-01-11
'Vice' stars an almost unrecognizable Christian Bale R 2019-01-04
Superhero aura hangs over Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic PG-13 2019-01-04
'Mary Poppins Returns' is unmemorable but has moments of joy PG 2018-12-21