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  • A veiled truth in Iran and the US

    In Iran, women protest a law imposing the hijab while in the US many Muslim women oppose the stigma against headscarves. The common demand is to recognize an individual’s dignity and freedom of choice.

  • Signal of hope for Venezuela

    A trip to Latin America by the top US envoy reveals the extent of Venezuela’s  crisis. By helping the country’s refugees, the rest of the region might send a message about respect for innocent lives.

  • Europe revives its power of attraction

    After years of internal woes, the EU looks to expand its values into the troublesome Balkans with a renewed offer of membership. Its positive narrative can counter competition for influence from Russia and China.

  • How the Olympics can reshape the Koreas

    Young South Koreans, in protesting the forced kinship on a joint hockey team, display a civic identity above ethnic nationalism. Perhaps that is a path toward peace on the peninsula.

  • The Fed’s drive for moral leadership in bank boards

    The Federal Reserve’s surprise punishment of Wells Fargo hints at its new demand for board directors to be proactive as moral managers of corporate culture.


Photos of the Week 02/19 Photos of the Week

Israeli scientists participate in an experiment simulating a mission to Mars, at the D-MARS Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station project of Israel's Space Agency, Ministry of Science, near Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, Feb. 18.

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