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  • Why Trump can’t ignore Central America

    As Europe has discovered with Africa, the US is learning again with its migrant crisis that poor and troubled neighbors cannot be shut off simply by more border security. Being secure requires being neighborly.

  • Can NATO use truth against Russian lies?

    The alliance’s coming summit can be used to support nations in Europe that are learning how to counter Kremlin disinformation with ‘critical thinking’ among their citizens.

  • An impending revolution in Mexico

    The incoming president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promises a radical approach to ending corruption, one based on a view of people as moral. Yet he also assumes people only need to see a leader who sets a good example.

  • AI can have values if not a conscience

    The author of ‘Frankenstein’ started us on a long path to steer new technologies to a higher good.

  • EU’s migrant plan is about more than migrants

    The plan aims to relocate migrants in ways that both help them and relieve pressure from Europe’s anti-migrant parties. It will also assist the EU in rediscovering its reasons for unity.


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France players celebrate winning the World Cup with coach Didier Deschamps after beating Croatia 4-2 at the Luzhniki Stadium, in Moscow, Russia, on July 15.

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