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  • A lesson from the Sears bankruptcy

    The retailer largely defined an identity for Americans as consumers while not investing enough in local communities that thrive on the social bonding of local commerce.

  • Better alerts to feed a hungry world

    To end famine by 2030, more nations should use artificial intelligence to track data from areas in a drought or a conflict zone.

  • Brazil alters a 'destiny' of corruption

    The Oct. 7 election not only ousted many corrupt incumbents, it showed Brazilians reject a presumed ‘culture of corruption’ in favor of equality before the law and clean governance.

  • Why Apollo missions still inspire

    The 50th anniversary of the first moon mission and a new movie on Neil Armstrong are good reasons to recall how this cosmic venture lifted humanity.

  • A Nobel for ennobling ingenuity

    Paul Romer, a winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for economics, showed how societies that manage a sustaining flow of new ideas can sustain long-term economic growth.

  • Dashing myths about wartime rape

    This year’s Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to two global activists against the use of rape as a tool of war, will add to a quarter century of change aimed at relegating such sexual violence to history.

  • Britain’s nudge on screen time for kids

    As studies pile up about the effects of social media on young people, Britain plans to issue ‘guidance’ for parents about screen time for their children. The advice needs to balance caution against the benefits of digital devices.


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Spectactors attend the opening of the Lumiere 2018 Grand Lyon Film Festival, in Lyon, France, Oct. 13.

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