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  • Did North Korea just make a try for trust?

    Its conditional offer to get rid of its nuclear weapons is quite a reversal, suggesting sanctions are working. The Kim regime may realize it must rebuild trust with the US to avoid internal regime change.

  • Gentleness as a German export

    Chancellor Merkel’s fourth term in office reflects a rare set of qualities in leadership, from patience to tender reason. They help both Germany and Europe find stability in rough times.

  • The moral question behind Trump’s plan on metal tariffs

    The president’s proposal may not bring the jobs, economic boost, or better security that he suggests. But on one point – his moral claim of reciprocity – Trump deserves a hearing.

  • Prepare to meet the Parkland generation

    The teen survivors of the Florida shooting are leading two mass events in March, reflecting the values of Generation Z.

  • A light for Afghanistan's long, dark war

    The Afghan president’s offer to engage in talks with the Taliban includes the possibility of the militants becoming a political party in elections. Such leniency implies the Taliban may be more sensitive to civilian opinion.

  • The race to be a start-up nation

    A survey reveals that better innovation may lie in how well each country replaces a cultural taboo against failure in business with encouraging faith in finding the best ideas.

  • Why web users are ‘norm entrepreneurs’

    Calls to curb misinformation and other abuses on the web – such as a recent plea from web founder Tim Berners-Lee – must rest on the assumption that users have the capacity to discern fact from falsehood. US security officials rely on that premise.

  • Take the taint out of March Madness

    The college basketball national championship is an annual sports extravaganza enjoyed by million of fans. But until illegal, secret payments to players are addressed it remains a tainted spectacle.

  • A prize for dwellings that connect

    This year’s winner of the ‘Nobel’ for architecture is an Indian who helps the ‘have-nots’ see a home as more than a physical box.

  • The art of listening in a Trump-Kim summit

    The US and North Korea have built up their strengths and also made minor concessions to arrange a summit. Now they need the personal interaction to build up trust, step by step.

  • Behold Greeks bearing a gift

    While other European countries have seen a rise in anti-EU parties, the one nation that came close to leaving has reentered the fold with a measure of success.

  • The opioid crisis requires anger management

    A judge overseeing lawsuits against legal opioid makers and distributors makes a good case for reducing the anger in favor of a brokered settlement with solutions.


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The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is seen over the sky near Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland, Mar. 14.

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