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  • Coarse words and new thinking

    The use of foul language to describe immigrants from certain regions provides an opportunity to examine our own preconceptions – and to seek the facts.

  • Is 2018 the year to defeat 'fake news'?

    France and Germany are trying restrictive new laws to stamp out fake news and hate speech online. But helping students – and adults – sharpen their own reasoning ability may be a better solution.

  • Will Europe speak up for cooperation?

    President Trump is expected to make his case for 'America First' at this month’s World Economic Forum. French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel could offer an opposing view that values working together over self-interest.

  • Tunisia’s revolution, Act 2

    Days of protests against austerity in the North African country serve as yet another model for the Arab world on how to tolerate dissent and define the common good in a spirit of equality.

  • A pang of conscience in Myanmar

    The military’s admission of a mass atrocity perpetrated against the minority Rohingya may hint at a desire to end one of the world’s worst cases of human rights abuse.

  • Children on digital overload

    Big investors in Apple have flagged the effects of excessive screen time on kids. Fresh solutions may lie in paying better attention to each child’s capabilities.

  • North Korea’s Olympic challenge

    In accepting South Korea’s offer to join it at the Winter Olympics, the Kim regime may be buying into a common diplomatic technique of building up trust through sports as a way to avoid war.

  • Reading liberty in Tehran

    Mass protests in Iran hint at a sharp shift against rule by clerics and for democratic freedoms. Such a possibility may add to similar moves against theocracy and religious divides in the Middle East. 

  • When families flee will the US open its arms?

    Refugees, a tiny portion of the immigrants who legally enter the US, are in special need of help. Why is the US accepting fewer of them?


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Khansa, an eight-month old critically endangered Bornean orangutan, shows off it's two front teeth, at the Singapore Zoo on Jan. 11, in Singapore. The Singapore Zoo is active with its breeding programs as part of its wildlife preservation efforts. This is the Zoo's 46th successful orangutan birth.

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