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  • The new calm in combatting Ebola

    As health officials rush to contain a new outbreak of the virus in Africa, they are applying lessons from the 2014-16 crisis about the need to contain fear.


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A person wearing a Chewbacca costume poses for photographers during a photo call for the film 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' at the 71st International Film Festival, in Cannes, southern France, on May 15.

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  • A first step in denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula

    When they meet, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un should call a truce on name-calling, creating a civility that is necessary for trust in disarmament.

  • Humility first in battling corruption

    One of the world’s most powerful financial institutions, the International Monetary Fund, admits it has been weak in stopping corruption. The results of its introspection could lift the global economy.

  • A lesson from Nigeria to Trump?

    Africa’s most populous country, suffering a long battle with jihadi groups, has successfully negotiated with a branch of Islamic State to release abducted children. Is that a lesson in how to talk to terrorists?

  • Why Trump and Merkel must discuss migration

    Each leader went too far on migration policy, forcing the US and Germany into a debate over national identity. Now they can listen to each other on next steps on how to deal with global migrants.

  • Macron’s embrace of Trump, not Trumpism

    The display of affection between the French and American leaders runs counter to their deep differences over policies. Did Emmanuel Macron just set a model for American politics?

  • An Armenian rhapsody

    Spontaneous mass protests in the former Soviet state of Armenia have ended a deceitful power play by a longtime ruler to stay in office. In throwing off their fears, Armenians showed others in repressive countries how to ‘live in the truth.’

  • Why a wave of Asian summitry

    Leaders of India and China are meeting this weekend, as are those of the Koreas. Perhaps the region’s historic disputes over land are yielding to a need for common prosperity.

  • The art of parsing apologies

    A wave of recent apologies by public figures requires a fine discernment to understand when someone does right for the original offense.

  • The new mercy for corrupt firms that fess up

    For most white-collar crimes, such as corruption, more countries are following a US practice of legal leniency toward companies that confess and reform.

  • Moon shot for peace between the Koreas

    Two historic summits in coming weeks reflect a bold vision by the South Korean leader to probe the North’s potential shift toward a peaceful peninsula.