All Christian Science Perspective

  • ‘When the heart speaks’ – no language barriers

    News of language barriers between volunteers and children at a US border facility prompted today’s contributor – who faced a similar challenge working at a refugee camp in Asia – to share ideas about the power of divine Love in fostering meaningful connections.

  • Toward more unity

    Amid a world scene in which the noise of derision and division headlines the news almost daily, today’s column considers the unifying power of understanding how God harmoniously governs us.

  • Responding to a wrong with what’s right

    A hostile situation at work yielded to collegiality and productivity as today’s contributor considered the idea that we all have the God-given ability to express qualities such as wisdom and integrity.

  • The intermediate way

    At a time when extreme reactions to news reports and emotional highs and lows seem inevitable, today’s column explores how the radical idea that God is good and is supreme brings a spirit of calm and grace.

  • Undaunted courage

    Inspired by the courage of those fighting the raging wildfires in California and elsewhere, today’s contributor considers how even a glimpse of the power of divine Love arms us with a strength not our own, even when things seem hopeless.

  • How can I learn to love myself?

    Today’s contributor learned to love herself when she took seriously the idea that God was loving her.

  • Ever-present Fatherhood and the lifting of grief

    After her dad passed on when she was a teen, a growing understanding of God as our always-present divine Father and Mother brought today’s contributor strength, healing, and inspiration to help a grieving friend.

  • Trust in a good outcome

    Far from blind faith or naiveté, understanding the nature of God as our good creator brings hope and practical solutions.

  • The values that have their source in God

    Today’s contributor reflects on what it means to cherish – and live – pure values.

  • The universal language of the heart

    Inspired by a meaningful visit to a modest chapel in Finland, today’s contributor explores the power of silent prayer to bring hope and healing.

  • When faced with anger, choose to love

    Rather than letting others’ anger spark our own, each of us can be a force for peace and progress by letting God’s love, instead of hate, guide us.

  • Is it really possible to be blameless?

    When unjustly blamed for something she didn’t do, today’s contributor relied on what she knew about the innocence of God’s creation, and harmony prevailed.

  • Life without limitation

    Reasoning from a standpoint that life is spiritual, today’s contributor shares ideas on the subject of aging – and why decline isn’t inevitable.

  • Peace for today

    Today’s column, which includes a poem and quotes, considers just how powerful the awareness of a divine presence and peace is.

  • Finding promise for the future

    Today’s column explores how the idea that God is supreme – now and always – helps calm fears about the future.

  • Growing beyond ‘us and them’

    As hot-button issues hit the headlines and tug at the heartstrings, today’s contributor explores the unifying effect of a sincere spiritual response to humanity’s needs.

  • Righting wrongs

    A false accusation at work was harmoniously and effectively corrected as today’s contributor let go of self-justification in favor of humility and a more spiritual perspective of others. 

  • Insomnia healed

    Today’s contributor found lasting freedom from chronic sleeplessness when she took a spiritual approach of seeking “the peace of God, which passes all understanding.”

  • Inspiration in the night

    When worry and regret kept today’s contributor up one night, a more spiritual perspective brought her peace and welcome ideas for how to go forward.

  • A better way than ‘block and delete’

    As today’s contributor gained a more spiritual perspective of herself and others, a lingering uncomfortable relationship situation came peacefully to an end.