All Christian Science Perspective

  • Don’t take the (click)bait

    Today’s column explores how we can overcome the pull of sensationalized news through understanding that there’s a higher power we can rely on to inform our actions.

  • Unity, not division, is what’s natural

    Today’s contributor shares his experience of how divisiveness can give way to a spirit of cooperation. 

  • Redeeming ‘thoughts and prayers’

    Today’s column explores how an openness to God as infinitely good can lift our “thoughts and prayers” to be more than just words – supporting and inspiring efforts to meet the world’s challenges.

  • To find what the world is trying to be

    Today's column examines our role as individuals in building a just society and healing a world in great need.

  • Lump on head healed

    While the impact of “thoughts and prayers” has been questioned by many after recent news events, today’s contributor found how a different approach to prayer effectively resolved a frightening health concern with full healing.  

  • Hope for the addicted

    Today’s contributor shares how she found freedom from a three-pack-a-day smoking habit as she gained a more spiritual sense of her identity.

  • Universal womanhood

    In the spirit of International Women’s Day, today’s contributor shares an experience that points to how each individual can #PressforProgress by taking a stand for the right of men and women everywhere to express strength, goodness, and purity.

  • The rescue of the gull

    In today’s column, a woman shares how an encounter with a man struggling to free a seagull from a fishing line led to gratitude for our ability to acknowledge and feel God’s care.

  • Not helpless, but protected

    Today’s column explores the idea that our existence isn’t a matter of chance, because God cares for each and every one of us eternally.

  • #MeToo: Where do we go from here?

    Today’s contributor shares how verbal harassment she faced at the office ended as she considered the true nature of men and women alike.

  • Not powerless!

    Today’s column explores the idea that men and women have the inherent ability to overcome moral weakness and live more in line with our genuine selfhood as God’s good and complete children.

  • Seasonal illness – a ‘rumor’ about our true health

    Today’s column explores how understanding sickness to be a false report about what we truly are as God’s spiritual and whole creation brings healing.

  • School shootings: What can we do?

    Today’s contributor takes a hard look at the value of persistence and prayer in the search for answers and progress when it comes to the safety of students.

  • United in God’s love

    Today’s column explores the idea that through the understanding of the infinite Love that is God, divisions can be rectified and peace established.

  • Prayers for Yemen

    Today’s column explores how an understanding of everyone’s identity as the spiritual creation of the Divine can inspire our prayers for peace even in the most unyielding of situations.

  • Healed of grief after the loss of a beloved pet

    Today’s contributor shares how her grief “vanished like fog in the sunshine” when she gained a fuller understanding of the immortal, spiritual nature of life created by God.

  • Beyond skin color

    Today’s contributor reflects on lessons he learned as he prayed about prejudice after moving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Norway – and how those lessons continue to shape the way he sees others.

  • The fullness of God's love, enough to meet our needs

    In today’s column, a woman shares how she prayed when her well was nearly empty – offering practical ideas for experiencing God’s inexhaustible goodness.

  • Take your prayers to the finish line

    In today’s column, a woman shares how she prayed – and was healed – after she experienced a frightening pain in her side.

  • The irrepressibility of life

    Today’s column explores how an understanding of God as indestructible, eternal Life itself brings renewal.