All Christian Science Perspective

  • Freedom for all – a universal right and a universal truth

    In light of Martin Luther King Jr. Day this Monday, today’s contributor reflects on the role of reformers in the world and how their efforts, in order to be truly effective, must be based on the universal truth that freedom is the divine right of everyone.

  • Gender balance and power – a spiritual discussion

    From a record number of women in US Congress, to the Women’s March, to the #MeToo movement, balance of power is a topic that’s front and center these days. Today’s column is a podcast in which the editor of the Monitor speaks with a Christian Science practitioner and teacher about the impact an understanding of God can have on this subject.

  • Diversity doesn’t have to mean divisiveness

    The question of what it means to have a diverse student body looms large in college and university admission offices – particularly in light of the ongoing affirmative action court case involving Harvard University. Today’s contributor shares an elementary school experience that helped her realize there’s a spiritual basis for unity in diversity.

  • Watching for good

    Today’s contributor explores the idea that it’s natural to turn to God and expect – and experience – His help in times of need.

  • Taking the path away from suicide

    When today’s contributor was on the verge of committing suicide, the idea that we are all designed to express God’s joyful, vibrant nature proved lifesaving.

  • A ‘sweet’ sense of God’s healing power

    After a fish bone lodged in her throat, today’s contributor found that God’s help is always right at hand.

  • What constitutes our ancestry?

    Many wish to better understand who and what they are, and some seek answers in genealogy. Today’s contributor explores this subject and presents a view of creation that starts and ends with God as its source.

  • Rooting out bias and suspicion

    An article in today’s Monitor Daily points to the idea that it’s become all too common for people to assume they know what someone thinks based on what organizations they belong to. Here’s an article that explores how we can let love and wisdom, rather than stereotypes and assumptions, guide our interactions with others.

  • Prayer for righteous government

    With news swirling about the ongoing US government shutdown and political turmoil in Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and elsewhere, here’s an article on the role each of us can play in supporting just, wise, and compassionate government.

  • Get acquainted with your real self

    Today’s contributor was healed of a hereditary affliction as he learned more about his (and everyone’s) true nature as the child of God.

  • What helped me help my son

    Yearning to help their son relate more appropriately with others and succeed in school, today’s contributor reached out wholeheartedly to God. The idea that God is the loving divine Parent of each of us made all the difference.

  • True womanhood without limitations

    With today’s swearing-in of new members, the 116th US Congress includes a record number of women. In light of this, today’s contributor explores the topic of womanhood and the boundless value that true womanhood holds for the world.

  • How do we start anew?

    As the new year kicks off, here’s a spiritual take on the concept of renewal that brings truly meaningful change into our lives.

  • Peace in the new year

    We can all strive to see and express God’s peace in our lives and the world around us – in the new year and beyond.

  • Face up to stress

    When today’s contributor, feeling overwhelmed, reached out to God for answers, she found that divine Love is able to lift even the heaviest sense of stress and sadness.

  • The light of Christ, Truth, still shines

    Today’s contributor reflects on the Christ as an eternal presence and divine influence, and how its appearing in our individual lives strengthens, comforts, and heals.

  • Interfaith interactions that counter fear and hate

    Inspired by a meaningful experience at a local temple shortly after the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue this fall, today’s contributor considers how God’s limitless, universal love breaks down barriers of hostility.

  • When the babe was born

    In this poem, the author reflects on the deep significance of that special night on which Jesus was born, heralding the redeeming activity of the Christ.

  • The gift of Christmas

    The healing, saving message of the Christ brings comfort and cure to yearning hearts in every corner of the globe – not only at Christmas, but every day of the year.

  • Step out of the echo chamber

    Today’s contributor wanted to impulsively respond to and “correct” a friend’s political post on Facebook that she disagreed with, but then she prayed. She shares how she was led to respond in a way that promoted healing, not division.