All Christian Science Perspective

  • A superpower we all truly have

    Today’s article explores the idea of God as the infinite Mind that sends us inspiration and ideas even when we’re feeling stuck.

  • Loaves, fish, and … cherry tomatoes

    Out of food and money, today’s contributor found comfort in the Bible, which brought her a newfound confidence in God’s care for all. Very soon, her family’s immediate needs were met in unexpected ways.

  • Integrity – it’s inherent in all of us

    The more we recognize integrity as naturally expressed in God’s creation, the more equipped we are to know and do what’s right.

  • Brotherly love and fairness in education

    Today’s contributor headed an early childhood department of a Caribbean school system. She shares how prayer inspired her efforts to address academic inequality.

  • Never without a parent

    In every moment and every situation, the limitless love of our divine Parent is right there to lift anger, sadness, and hate and lead us forward.

  • Prayer as Brexit negotiations continue

    As discussions on the UK's exit from the European Union go down to the wire, today’s column explores how a deeper spiritual understanding can support the negotiations and help open the way to practical solutions.

  • Overcoming the Monday morning blues

    Today’s contributor shares spiritual ideas that brought a fresh sense of meaning and inspiration to her days, freeing her from a recurring dread of the coming workweek.

  • A foundation for ethics in business

    In today’s column, a businessman explores how Jesus’ teachings can inspire honesty – and the courage to express it – in our lives.

  • A walk down ‘Harmony Lane’

    “What are we buying into: harmony or turmoil?” asks today’s contributor, who found safety, during a menacing moment, in the idea of harmony as a present spiritual reality.

  • When problems seem overwhelming

    Today’s column explores the idea that God, divine Love, is “big” enough to meet every need, to fill every void, to comfort every heart, including for those struggling with dark or suicidal thoughts.

  • The ‘Thank you!’ that heals

    In light of Canada’s upcoming celebration of Thanksgiving Day, today’s contributor shares some ideas on gratitude – why it’s important, and how it helps us better understand God.

  • Finding freedom after the shock of an aggressive encounter

    After a fellow college student drunkenly tried to force himself into her room, today’s contributor found peace, strength, and freedom from lingering anxiety as she gained a new view of herself as God’s loved child.

  • Look for the burning bush

    Today’s contributor explores how we can be more open to finding tangible evidence of the presence of God in our lives.

  • Forever child

    Today’s column explores, through poetry, our good and joyful nature as the children of God.

  • Finding justice

    Too often, justice seems imperfect and enforcement uneven. Today’s column explores how a deeper, more spiritual perspective of what constitutes justice puts us in a position to not only expect justice but see it expressed more often. 

  • Grace-filled days

    We might think it’s inevitable that a demanding schedule will leave us feeling burned out, but today’s contributor explores the quality of grace and how it can transform our approach to each day.

  • Good that lasts

    “What if genuine goodness isn’t as fragile as it can seem?” Today’s contributor explores the idea of God as the source of limitless spiritual good for all.

  • Taking God’s lead

    How can an understanding of God help us when we need to make a decision, big or small? Today’s contributor shares how a clearer sense of God’s nature has helped her listen to His guidance, rely on it, and be blessed by it.

  • Praying about mental health

    Today’s contributor was healed of hereditary bipolar disorder as she learned more about the nature of God as the gentle, consistent divine Mind.

  • When cycles of ups and downs seem inevitable

    Amid global uncertainty in the face of trade wars, an understanding of God’s abundant care can help break through fears that economic chaos is unavoidable.