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  • Can an Islamic caliphate survive in today's Mideast?

    As the Muslim militant group ISIS advances in Iraq and Syria, its chances of establishing a strict Islamic theocracy will be weakened by its inherent flaws.

  • Rape in wartime: A plan to end it

    Angelina Jolie and Britain's top diplomat, William Hague, are dashing myths about the use of rape as a war tool. The world can work to end this crime, as seen in a summit in London this week.

  • The origin of peace for Israelis, Palestinians

    As other attempts for Middle East peace fail, the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority joined with the heads of two Christian churches in prayers for peace. The event Sunday at the Vatican serves as reminder about the universal source of a desire for peace.

  • One message from Normandy

    If the US truly honors its veterans, reforms at the VA must move swiftly.

  • The real marijuana story

    The common assumption that it’s a harmless drug is challenged in a prominent medical journal.

  • Children on the doorstep

    A surge of unaccompanied children crossing illegally into the US demands a humanitarian response

  • Freedom days

    Remembering D-Day, World War I, the Polish elections, Tiananmen Square. What do they have in common? A love of freedom.

  • Empowering employees

    Innovative approaches could result in happier, more productive workers

  • Signs of rule of law in Asia's Wild West

    Defense leaders in East Asia, including those from the US, meet as the region roils over China's aggressive acts over islands and watery resources. A few nations, however, take legal action to show how disputes can be resolved peacefully.

  • A global spotlight on violence against women

    The millions of tweets about the abducted Nigerian girls and now a killing rampage against women in California show the progress in global efforts to confront the issue of violence against women. Exposure of the problem is halfway to ending it.

  • Obama's vision of US as 'empowering partners'

    In his West Point speech, President Obama firmly plants a vision of US leadership as a 'hub of alliances' with the task of 'empowering partners' – not as a global cop. The US can refocus itself as a world coach mainly because humanity has made progress in shared ideals that promote peace.

  • The India-China rivalry over anti-graft campaigns

    India and China now have top leaders with vigorous campaigns against official corruption. Which country will succeed? Look to the one that can hold its leaders accountable for transparency and honesty.

  • In Ukraine, a vote to turn foe into friend

    After winning Ukraine's presidential election, Petro Poroshenko sets his first priority: reaching out to separatists. Nations in civil conflict need a healer who can calm the fears of those in rebellion.

  • Why Thailand's coup must be its last

    The Army coup in Thailand shows how much the Thais, especially the elite, must absorb basic concepts of citizenship, extending political power even to the poorest.

  • Ukraine's three answers to Russia's fear campaign

    The election this Sunday is just one of Ukraine's response to Russian intimidation. The others are daily walks by workers in defiance of armed separatists and a government dialogue in the east about power sharing. This assertion of civic values is the best antidote to fear.

  • China's progress is not in theft of trade secrets

    The US indictment of five Chinese military men for cyber-espionage against American firms is really a challenge to Beijing to fulfill its own goal of sustaining growth through home-grown innovation in technology.

  • Africa's best response to Boko Haram

    Five weeks after Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 girls in Nigeria, the response has been mainly a military one. Yet history shows such radical groups thrive in the poorest places. With its rising prosperity, Africa must learn to spread its new wealth around.

  • An India ready to dream big

    A sweeping election victory for Narendra Modi and his Hindu-nationalist party reflects an India with new views of its capacity for progress. But Mr. Modi must not interpret the voters' big dreams as a mandate for big-man rule.

  • Wanted: world model for clean sports

    A new study warns of a rising threat to the integrity of sports from gambling that leads to more fixed matches. While some countries keep sports safe from manipulation, a global approach is needed, much like the fight against doping.

  • In Google searches of names, a right to be forgiven

    Europe's highest court rules that individuals can demand search engines like Google remove links to personal data. The ruling only begins to address the Internet's problem of incomplete information on a person's past mistakes.