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December 18, 2014

Photos of the Day 12/18

A couple share a kiss as Russian conscripts, wearing military uniforms, bid farewell to acquaintances at a local railway station before their departure for their garrisons in Stavropol, southern Russia.

  • Paper Economy Mortgage rates dip to a 16-month low (+video)

    Mortgage rates for a 30-year fixed rate loan fell to 4.08 percent since last week, the lowest in nearly a year and a half. In addition to falling mortgage rates, the the purchase application volume decreased 1 percent and the refinance application volume increased 11 percent over the same period.

  • In Gear How Chrysler became 'FCA US LLC'

    As of this morning, the company formerly known as Chrysler has changed its name to 'FCA US LLC,' to better reflect its Fiat ownership. Thankfully for car fans, the change is mostly a technicality, and brand names like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram aren't going anywhere. 

  • Saving Money Four tips for saving money at the airport during holiday travel

    Holiday travel can be expensive, but it's the trips to the airport that can cost you an arm and a leg while being time consuming. Here are four tips to help you to avoid the extra costs and occupy yourself in case a flight gets delayed during the busy holiday travel season

  • The New Economy Are small business owners getting short-changed by banks?

    Small business loans totaled $4.1 billion in 2013, and banks have nothing against small business owners. But according to research, they are currently getting short changed when it comes to their credit cards and checking accounts. But why?

  • Tax VOX Will immigrants get a tax windfall from refundable credits?

    Lawmakers scuttled an effort to permanently extend a number of tax breaks—largely because many feared it would open the door to widespread use of refundable tax credits by undocumented immigrants covered by President Obama’s recent executive order. Is their concern justified?

  • Robert Reich Why college is necessary but gets you nowhere

    Since 2000, the incomes of young people who have graduated college have barely risen. The problem is this; while a college education is now a prerequisite for joining the middle class, the middle class is in lousy shape. A college degree no longer guarantees a good job. 

  • The Bite Reindeer herders of northern Europe confront climate change

    The Sámi people make their living on reindeer herding and fishing in northern Europe. Unfortunately, the environment that the Sámi depend on, and thus the Sámi culture, is being threatened by climate change and land rights issues. But they've had some success fighting back.