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Net neutrality's stunning reversal of fortune: Is it John Oliver's doing?

A year ago, few outside the telecom community had ever heard of net neutrality, despite extensive news coverage. Here's how a comedy program made the general public care about a topic considered 'even boring by C-SPAN standards.'

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  • Passcode DARPA offers rare glimpse at program to visualize cyberdefenses (+video)

    The Pentagon's advanced research arm revealed its latest version of Plan X, an in-progress system designed for the military to visualize defending against cyberattacks, at a Passcode event on the future of cybersecurity innovation.

  • Passcode Invincea's future of cybersecurity innovation

    Today, we suffer from two key challenges in addressing cyber security threats: (1) an over-abundance of endless data, and (2) a small pool of highly skilled cyber security personnel.

  • Passcode Does your security think?

    Today, as a nation, we are plagued by attacks from cyber criminals who range from ideologically motivated individuals and groups to well-financed nation-state bad actors.  They seek to disrupt our commerce, steal our money and assets and create uncertainty that we have only seen previously in the physical world. 

February 26, 2015

Photos of the Day 2/26

A guest leaves at the end of the unveiling of Max Mara women's Fall-Winter 2015-16 collection, part of Milan Fashion Week in Italy, Thursday.

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