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John Locher/Las Vegas Review-Journal/AP
5:08 pm ET -

The fight over Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cows grazing illegally on federal land is a symbol of a much larger issue: control of land in western states, where the federal government is dominant.

Wyoming, Washington State landslides: Natural or human-caused? (+video)

1:33 pm ET - Landslides are a natural occurrence, but human activities can trigger them as well. Scientists are looking for causes of a landslide in Wyoming as well as one in Washington State that killed at least 39 people.

Cover Story Blended learning revolution: Tech meets tradition in the classroom

1:09 pm ET - Blended learning combines the best of online learning with traditional teaching. The educational trend is showing results – higher test scores, happier teachers and students – as more schools adopt and adapt it. 

Aereo Internet service vs. TV broadcasters: US Supreme Court to decide

10:42 am ET - Aereo provides TV viewing and recording to subscribers via the Internet for $8 a month. But Aereo pays major broadcast companies nothing, and broadcasters say that violates copyright protections.

An apoplexy over apostrophes in Cambridge, England

9:00 am ET - A policy to remove apostrophes from signs in the learned English town has touched off a firestorm – and sent vigilante grammarians into the streets with markers in hand.

'8THEIST' license plate in NJ: Why states can't rein in the vanity plate monster (+video)

10:58 am ET - States have struggled to balance the innocent against the indecent when it comes to personal exhortations on state-owned license plates. First Amendment issues are at stake.

25 years later, western Germany is still pumping money to the east

8:00 am ET - Since the Berlin Wall fell, the west has transferred some $1.8 trillion eastward – and counting. Many in other struggling regions think it's time to reconsider.

Keystone XL pipeline: New delay could move decision beyond midterms (+video)

7:34 pm ET - In announcing the delay Friday, the State Department cited a Nebraska court case that could affect the route of the pipeline, as well as the need for more time to review 2.5 million public comments. Republicans cried politics. 

In Central African Republic, a town embodies the nation's conflict

7:00 am ET - Christians and Muslims used to mix freely in the town of Boda. But both communities are now under attack, and the devastation here speaks to the toll a violent year has taken on the nation.

On fourth try, SpaceX capsule en route to space station (+video)

8:11 pm ET - The Dragon capsule is expected to arrive at the International Space Station on Sunday. Friday's launch was the first experiment with a new landing system designed to return the first stage of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket to its launch pad.

In N.C., how do spouses of gay soldiers fit in? Legal brief presses the issue. (+video)

5:41 pm ET - The friend-of-the-court brief, filed Friday, sets up a new battle space for gay rights activists in one of America’s most conservative, Christian corners.

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