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  • Why earmarks hinder Congress

    Letters to the Editor for Dec. 8, 2014 weekly magazine:Alexander and Ellis: Earmarks aren’t a silver-bullet solution to gridlock, and they wouldn’t alleviate the stark ideological divisions in Congress.

  • Readers Write: Soceity makes war honorable; a new approach in Syria is needed

    Letters to the Editor for Dec. 1, 2014 weekly magazine:Kauffman: I wonder if humans don’t all carry an innate horror of violence and warfare. But we are socialized to think that “necessary war” is actually honorable, and those who engage in it are heroes.Frank: What the US is currently doing in the region isn’t working, and we are running out of choices.

  • Readers Write: Why Congress is gridlocked; taking a balanced perspective on Congress

    Letters to the Editor for Nov. 24, 2014 weekly magazine:Hauer: It would be easy to be discouraged by ideological extremes, but many polls have shown that a considerable majority of Americans favor balanced, independent thinking.Connolly: The comments were insightful, logical, and nonpolitical.

  • Readers Right: Making renewable energy cheapr; looking for a solution in Israel

    Letters to the Editor for Nov. 17, 2014 weekly magazine:Barnshaw: Increasing the amount of renewable energy will push down the price.Aeschbach: We must work toward creating a secular Israel where all religious and nonreligious people have equal rights.

January 25, 2015

Photos of the weekend

Firefighter Travis Theurer signals to those on shore that he’s strapped fellow firefighter Donnie Corn in to be pulled out of the water Saturday, during ice rescue training in Portland, Indiana.

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