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  • Taiwan ex-President Chen Shui-bian out of prison. Why?

    Chen and his "green" Taiwan identity politics has been anathema to mainland China. But after the "blue" pro-China ruling Nationalist party lost big in local elections Nov. 29, they want to appear conciliatory and friendly ahead of next year's presidential vote. 

  • As AirAsia debris found, Indonesia learns from Malaysia mistakes

    President Joko Widodo says recovery efforts will focus on passengers and crew as his administration faces its first international crisis. The new Indonesian administration wants to avoid the criticism aimed at Malaysian leader Najib Razak after MH370 disappeared last March.

  • Are Google and Gmail really the enemy of China?

    First China targeted Facebook and Twitter – now it's going after the world's largest e-mail service. The targeting of Gmail is part of a broader ideological struggle to separate the Middle Kingdom from the modes of the West. 

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