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  • Obama’s silence on spillover of legal pot

    Colorado’s legalization of marijuana has prompted a suit before the Supreme Court and a request for President Obama to take a position. Here’s why he should side with the suit by Oklahoma and Nebraska. 

  • From fathers to 'fatherhood'

    Starting this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate men and women able to perform as both a father and a mother. A 'Fatherhood Day,' perhaps?

  • Giving is way up, but for what reason?

    An unexpected rebound in giving in the US so soon after the recession is attributed to a healthier economy. But one study finds other, less material motives for generosity.

  • A model of reconciliation for Myanmar

    Buddhist attacks on Muslim Rohingya minorities in Myanmar (Burma) cry out for a solution. One may lie in Sri Lanka, where a new president, a Buddhist, seeks postwar reconciliation with minority Tamils.

  • Europe's crises of giving

    Big demands from Greece, Ukraine, and fleeing migrants challenge Europe’s legacy of generosity. A timely book on altruism suggests a way out. 

  • Patience as a corporate virtue

    To encourage long-term thinking in banks, Britain imposes a possible delay in executive bonuses. Other steps can help reduce ‘short-termism’ in corporations.

  • Japan, South Korea cozy up

    By jointly honoring an anniversary, the two US allies can now finish making amends and start to work together for their common interests in Asia.

  • Looking for ways to prevent ‘another Charleston’

    The first major reform proposed after the racial killings in South Carolina was to remove a symbol from the state capitol: the Confederate flag. This may seem minor, but it signals how America deals with racism today.

  • A sibling model of reform for Greece

    As the European Union and Greece try again to avoid a showdown, another Greek-speaking country, Cyprus, has made praiseworthy reforms after its financial crisis. It can be a model for its larger sibling.

July 1, 2015

Photos of the day 07/01

A character on a float gives a thumbs-up along the Canada Day parade route in Mississauga, Ontario, Wednesday. The holiday celebrates the joining of provinces to create Canada in 1867.

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  • Europe's crises of giving

    Big demands from Greece, Ukraine, and fleeing migrants challenge Europe’s legacy of generosity. A timely book on altruism suggests a way out. 

  • When China stands to reason

    China's official welcome to democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi marks a possible bow to freedom's demand that people must reason together in seeking the truth rather than live in fear under a truth-denying regime.

  • As Obama escalates war on IS, Congress must give OK

    With the president adding more troops in Iraq against Islamic State, the need for war authorization becomes more necessary. The war's future requires both disciplined thinking and political consensus.

  • FIFA reform lies in its own oasis of integrity

    As the Women's World Cup begins in Canada, FIFA should be reminded that it is men's soccer that carries the weight of recent scandals. By elevating women's soccer, FIFA can raise its standards and restore its reputation.

  • For Mideast's democracy deficit, a Turkish delight

    Voters in Turkey's June 7 parliamentary election set a model for a region in need of democratic ways to reconcile domestic differences over religion, ethnicity, and basic freedoms.

  • Canada's moment to right past wrongs

    A government report accuses Canada of past 'cultural genocide' for the forced assimilation of native people. Like other democracies with a history of abusing indigenous or minority people, Canada can set a model for reconciliation.

  • A 'rape glut' on TV: How viewers can respond

    Recent graphic rape scenes on shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ have stirred viewer outrage. There are ways to change Hollywood's script about rape.

  • In war on IS, solutions may be everywhere

    Iraq issues this moral challenge to countries that fail to stop Muslims from joining Islamic State: You must do more because of your neglect of radicalization at home and of IS recruitment.

  • Paris helps unlock true love

    Like other cities, Paris tries to end a craze by devoted couples to put 'love locks' on bridges and other structures. But the city also suggests other public, collective – even nonmaterial – ways to express the eternal bonds of affection.

  • A court ruling for headscarf liberty

    The Supreme Court’s decision that an employer cannot discriminate against the Muslim practice of wearing a hijab will add to the accommodation of religious practices, especially among minority faiths.


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