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  • Meeting hate with love in St. Louis

    The Muslim-Christian response to the vandalizing of a Jewish cemetery is yet another example of how the three faiths can use love to counter acts of religiously motivated hate and violence.

  • The call for citizens to ‘go local’

    In both the US and EU, a populist backlash against centralized power has revived interest in local activism, which often comes with an ethical imperative for neighborliness.

February 25, 2017

Photos of the weekend

Artist German Vinogradov acts in the performance of the burning of Maslenitsa tower, devoted to Pancake Week, a pagan holiday marking the end of winter, in the village of Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga region, Russia, Saturday.

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  • Denmark’s envoy to the global ‘other’

    In appointing a special ambassador to tech giants like Apple and Facebook, Denmark fits a pattern of engaging with global issues and forces, not self-isolating in fear.

  • A shout-out for honesty in Europe

    Hundreds of thousands of Romanians protested over a government move to quell investigations of corruption. Having made so much progress against graft, they took a stand for clean governance.

  • How Trump can keep peace in cyberspace

    As he prepares to revamp US cybersecurity, he must prevent other nations from fearing the US capability and creating a cyber arms race.

  • Canada’s response to a mosque massacre

    The killing of six Muslims in Quebec brought vigils, prayers, and other moments of solidarity between mosques and churches. This reaction often plays out worldwide because houses of worship find common purpose against acts of hate.

  • An Arab model for a US debate

    As Americans fight over Trump’s travel bans on Muslim countries, Tunisia shows an inclusive debate over keeping terrorists in check.

  • The way to debate Trump’s orders on migrants

    Immigrant bans and new walls need not be contentious if each side recognizes they both seek to solve the root cause of mass migration.

  • Not only people are being liberated from Islamic State

    As Iraq retakes its second-largest city, it made a point of raising a flag at Mosul University, which the militants had all but destroyed. Such schools teach the virtues for running modern societies in the Mideast.

  • Path of patience toward North Korea

    Trump will be the fourth US president to deal with a nuclearized North Korea. More sanctions might help, but a regime defector points to the use of patience as more North Koreans are dissenting.

  • Why anti-bribery laws help global business

    A 1977 law against foreign corruption was long viewed as putting US firms at a disadvantage overseas. Perhaps its success in helping profits might convince President Trump to keep the law and enforce it.

  • Europe’s anchor for identity in rough seas

    As it prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary, the European Union faces internal and external threats. Its fallback for unity: a shared cultural identity.


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