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  • Politics Pelosi says Obamacare compromise possible, if GOP reaches out

    The House Democratic leader says at a Monitor Breakfast that if divided Republicans fail to pass their own health-care plan, she would welcome GOP overtures to amend the Affordable Care Act.

  • Politics The importance of being Josh Earnest

    Mr. Earnest, President Obama's spokesman, has a warning for his successor: Those tweets could undermine your message.

  • One key senator weighs in on the Trump transition so far

    Sen. Bob Corker is respected by Republicans and Democrats and is often a key cog in bipartisan efforts. He's bullish on Rex Tillerson, cautious on Russian hacking, and surprised by Trump's cellphone habits. 

  • Politics Obama orders review of US election amid Russian hacking concerns

    After reports of "malicious cyberactivity" during the election season, Obama's top counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco says key stakeholders need fuller answers.

  • Why a top Democrat is open to Trump's pick for Pentagon

    Congress would need to issue a waiver to allow Gen. James Mattis to serve as secretary of Defense, a civilian position.

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders: It's time for Democratic ‘soul-searching’

    At a Monitor Breakfast, Sanders, named chair of 'outreach' for Senate Democrats, said the 'real action to transform' the country would come in 'grass-roots America.'

  • Education Secretary John King: US still has work to do on equity in schools

    Three key areas need progress, King said at a Monitor breakfast Wednesday: equity; elevating the teaching profession; and access, affordability, and graduation rates in college.

  • Union leader Trumka: 'no doubt' he can trust Clinton on trade

    At a Monitor breakfast, AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka said he has 'absolute trust' in Hillary Clinton to make major changes in the TPP free trade deal. 

  • Blocking Pacific trade deal means 'handing the keys' to China, official says

    Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are against the Pacific trade deal. But the US trade representative still thinks it will pass Congress. 

  • For US House candidates, who is the bigger liability, Clinton or Trump?

    Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, says GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump isn't weighing down Republicans in contested races as much as Democrats are being hurt by the top of their ticket.

Homeland Security chief weighs plan to protect voting from hackers

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said he's considering whether to designate the US election system as critical infrastructure, which could trigger greater cybersecurity at the ballot box.

  • Will Dems retake House? It's too early to tell, say campaign officials

    Demographics and dislike for Trump work to Democrats' advantage, but congressional campaign officials are cautious with their predictions.

  • Quality care for vets more important than wait times, says VA secretary

    Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald says wait times aren't the best measure of whether care at VA hospitals is improving. Satisfaction matters more. 

  • Treasury secretary nudges Congress on Puerto Rico debt crisis (+video)

    Short delay in House action is OK, Jacob Lew says, but time is 'very short' to enact legislation letting the island restructure its debt. 

  • New encryption technology is aiding terrorists, intelligence director says

    New, commercially available encryption software 'had and is having major, profound effects on our ability' to collect intelligence, 'particularly against terrorists,' James Clapper told reporters at a Monitor-hosted breakfast.

  • Obama's Asia trade deal still alive, top economic adviser says

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is opposed by both leading candidates, is a key element of President Obama’s effort to increase US engagement with the Pacific region and help offset China’s rising influence.

  • EPA administrator: 'We're going to keep reducing greenhouse gas emissions'

    The Environmental Protection Agency plans to finalize rules to curb methane emissions from the oil and gas sector this spring, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy said Tuesday.

  • Should a black woman fill Supreme Court vacancy? What Al Sharpton says.

    Civil rights leader Al Sharpton also discussed Thursday whom Democrats could turn to if their presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, were indicted.

  • Senate Foreign Relations chairman: 'Gitmo's not going to close'

    GOP Sen. Bob Corker said that would be the case unless President Obama issues an executive order, something he’s opposed to. The senator on Wednesday also commented on the challenging situation in Syria.

  • Influential Democrat on trade issues steps up opposition to TPP

    The stance by Michigan Rep. Sander Levin will make it harder for the White House to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership approved by Congress before President Obama leaves office.

  • GOP's response if Trump is nominee: At least we're not socialists

    Republicans looking to retain the Senate are confident they can do so, no matter who the GOP presidential nominee is. 

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