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Staff Directory - The Christian Science Monitor

Senior Editors
Editor: Mark Sappenfield

Managing Editor: Amelia Newcomb

Daily Edition Editor: Clayton Collins

Deputy Daily Edition Editor: Yvonne Zipp

Editor at large: David Cook

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Section Editors
Science, Technology, & Environment: Noelle Swan

Education & Books: Marjorie Kehe
Op-Ed: Clayton Jones
Europe & Canada: Arthur Bright

Asia & Global South Editor: Molly Jackson

Middle East - Ken Kaplan

Politics editor: Christa Case Bryant 

Economy Editor: Mark Trumbull, Washington

Multimedia Producer, Graphics Editor: Jake Turcotte

Digital Media Producer: Samantha Laine Perfas

Video editor - Jingnan Peng

Staff Reporters

Eoin O'Carroll - Science Writer

Eva Botkin-Kowacki - Science Writer

Charlie Wood - Science Fellow

Laurent Belsie - Senior Economics Writer

Schuyler Velasco - Workplace & Gender Writer

Michael Farrell - Culture Writer
Stacy Teicher Khadaroo - Education Writer
Amanda Paulson - Environment Writer
Simon Montlake - Inequality Writer
Patrik Jonsson, Atlanta
Harry Brunius, New York & Religion
Francine Kiefer, Washington
Peter Grier, Washington
Linda Feldmann, Washington Bureau Chief
Howard LaFranchi, Washington
Warren Richey, Washington
Anna Mulrine, Washington
Peter Ford, Reporter at large
Scott Peterson, Istanbul
Sara Miller Llana, Paris
Sara Sorcher, Washington
Jack Detsch, Washington, Security  
Henry Gass, Boston
Jessica Mendoza, Los Angeles
Josh Kenworthy, Boston

Online Editorial

Staff Editor & Intern manager: Kendra Nordin

Weekly Edition
Weekly Edition Editor: Owen Thomas
Deputy Weekly Edition Editor: Marjorie Kehe
Senior Editor: Scott Armstrong
Staff editor: Judy Nichols Douglass

Staff editor - Molly Driscoll - 

Weekly Production
Production Manager: Lily Mui
Assistant Production Manager: Julie Fallon

Copy Desk

Copy Desk Manager: Heather Ehmke
Copy Editor: Casey Fedde

Director of Photography: Alfredo Sosa
Photographer: Melanie Stetson Freeman
Photographer: Ann Hermes

Trustees: Lyon Osborn, Scott Preller, Margaret Rogers

Associate Publisher: David Grant 

Chief Product Manager & editorDavid Clark Scott

Project Coordinator: Lauren Littell

Circulation Marketing: John Titus
Fulfillment and Renewal: John Titus
Direct Marketing: Kevin Henneberger
Direct Marketing: Haide Bolanos
Web Analytics: Todd Schauman

Planning & Marketing: Julie Cam
Content Strategist: Matt Orlando

Advertising Sales
Client & Business Services: Larissa O'Donnell
Production Manager: Jim Woodward

Tech Projects Manager: Wendy Prugh
Manager, Web Development: Tim Rauschenberger
Designer/Dev: Christian Scripter
Developer: Asako Severn
Developer: Moises Silva 

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