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  • Are mortgage buyers smarter after housing collapse?

    A global survey of 15-year-olds show the US still has far to go to prepare the next generation to grasp complex financial products such as mortgages. To prevent another crisis like the one in 2008, young Americans need financial literacy.

  • The BRICS's new aid bank

    At a summit next week, the five 'emerging economies' of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – BRICS – will launch their first project: a development bank. It can only work, however, if it runs on similar principles of the World Bank.

  • Israel looks within

    The brutal revenge killing of an Israeli Arab boy pushes many Israelis to say that a moral malaise is one cause of such a hate crime. This collective introspection is both a model for others and a strength to Israel.

  • Preventing a religious war in the Mideast

    Attacks on sacred Shiite sites by the Sunni militants creating an 'Islamic State' in Iraq and Syria are risking a wider war in the Middle East. The world should help prevent such a major war of religion by applying lessons from previous wars between competing faiths.

  • Passing the torch of peaceful protests

    The 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act is also a chance to note how often peaceful protests for basic freedoms still find traction in many places in the world.

  • Israeli response to teen murders

    Calls for revenge are particularly strong after Israelis learn of three teens killed on the West Bank. But the response to this violence calls for cool intelligence and higher concepts of justice.

  • In Hobby Lobby ruling, a defense of religious dignity (+video)

    In its Hobby Lobby ruling against the Obamacare mandate on contraceptive coverage, the Supreme Court centers its decision on the right of religious people, including owners of privately held corporations, not to be told by government that their beliefs are 'flawed.'

  • A Yosemite moment for nations in conflict

    The 150th anniversary of Lincoln's act to preserve Yosemite valley during the Civil War serves as a reminder of how the shared experience of landscape can help unite a people.

  • Germany's power of attraction in Ukraine crisis

    With Ukraine now signing up for membership in the European Union, Germany's soft but firm approach to Russia's aggression sets a global standard in how to wield influence in the 21st century.

  • Why the high court protects cellphone privacy

    In its ruling on cellphone privacy, the Supreme Court points out that such digital devices are now a pervasive part of daily life, extending our identities into new realms. Ensuring privacy is a way to protect new notions of identity.

  • To end partisan gridlock

    A new report recommends practical, achievable steps to help government work better.

  • A nutritious news diet

    What passes for news can be trivial or shocking. Careful news consumers think about what they’re taking in.

  • Droning on

    As the US again steps up drone attacks, the need for a clear policy on the use or sale of military drones becomes more urgent

  • Removing the R-word

    A court decision takes away trademark protection for an NFL team with a disparaging name. But that’s not enough.

  • Worried about climate? Take a hike.

    Scientific studies and cautionary reports have their role. But getting out into nature makes us love it.

  • A ruling to reshape the world economy

    The US Supreme Court tells Argentina that its sovereignty as a state is not above the principle of treating creditors equally in a bankruptcy. The decision helps set a moral norm that can boost the global financial system.

  • In Colombia and Afghanistan, elections that pacify

    Elections in Colombia and Afghanistan put a democratic stamp on talks with rebels, or a listening to their political views while rejecting their violence.

  • Rally Iraq's Muslims against ISIS beheadings

    The ISIS rebels in Iraq advanced quickly in part because they use beheadings to instill fear. The world, as well Muslims, must condemn this tactic. Even Al Qaeda rejects it.

  • In Cantor defeat, a lesson on how to treat voters

    A stunning primary loss for the well-funded House leader Eric Cantor to a relatively unknown candidate may show voters in the Internet Age refuse to be treated as naive targets of expensive campaign tactics.

  • Can an Islamic caliphate survive in today's Mideast?

    As the Muslim militant group ISIS advances in Iraq and Syria, its chances of establishing a strict Islamic theocracy will be weakened by its inherent flaws.