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  • Muslims who counter IS atrocities on women

    The Islamic State's brutality toward women deserves both criticism and counterexamples. When the new president of Afghanistan thanks his wife in public, Muslims notice.

  • In praise of Mexico's moment

    With stunning political consensus, Mexico has passed 11 major reforms in 20 months, indicating a new civility, openness, and service to others.

  • Obama's war of democracy in Iraq, Syria

    Before starting war on Islamic State, President Obama pushed a freedom agenda on Iraq: It must have a sustainable democracy. But the war is also in Syria. Might he also be forced to push democracy there?

  • Defeating Islamic State – with an alternative vision

    President Obama knows war alone will not defeat the Islamic State group. In his UN speech, he asked Muslims to offer a different vision from the IS approach of imposing a self-defined cultural purity by force.

  • Obama's plan for climate-change 'resilience'

    At the UN climate summit, President Obama announced US plans to help other countries prepare for climate change. The US effort on global resilience may help fight the fatalism on efforts to curb carbon emissions.

  • A deal to glue a divided Afghanistan

    An American-brokered deal to resolve the presidential election in Afghanistan aims to create a unity government, one that may bridge ethnic divides and tackle corruption.

  • Scotland's vote helps others define community ties

    The 'no' vote against independence by Scotland helps bring the United Kingdom together in redefining UK identity through more power to local communities. New political contours will reshape the shared ethical life and create ties that bind beyond culture.

  • Why Ukraine speaks of civilization to Americans

    In his speech to Congress, Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko asked for arms to defend 'civilization' against Russian 'barbarity.' Yet Putin speaks of defending 'Russian civilization.' Why this conflict on 'civilizations'?

  • Why Congress must vote on Obama's war with IS

    President Obama would welcome the backing of lawmakers for his war on Islamic State group, or ISIS. But Congress must first debate in full view the moral underpinnings of the war.

  • To save Africans from Ebola, salve their fears

    The American military's efforts against the Ebola outbreak and other examples of foreign aid must first bolster the confidence of West Africans, in dealing with fear, distrust, isolation.

  • Rise of common folk in Brazil, India, Indonesia

    New and popular politicians in the developing world's largest democracies come from humble origins. This trend reflects an 'equality of conditions,' or free societies that come to see dignity in each individual.

  • NFL's need to tackle player violence

    The Ray Rice video of domestic abuse should stir both fans and the NFL to rethink football violence, not just off the field but on.

  • Obama's multiple fronts to preserve countries

    From saving Iraq from the Islamic State to saving Ukraine from Russia, President Obama tries to preserve communities bound together as nation-states or in other ways. One lesson lies in Scotland's Sept. 18 referendum on whether to split with England.

  • Sports betting, friends and foes

    Even as New Jersey opens up sports betting, Singapore offers a law to suppress online gambling to help end the country's reputation as home to match-fixing worldwide, especially on European soccer games.

  • Why Muslims from US, Europe join Islamic State

    Hundreds of jihadists with Islamic State come the US and Europe. Most are not driven by a love of Islam but by a desire for a strong social identity. The West can prevent more IS recruits by providing that identity.

  • Another way to defeat IS

    Arabs need a hopeful model of progress if they are to rally behind the US in 'destroying' the Islamic State group. Such a democratic model is coming along well in Tunisia, the original home to the Arab Spring.

  • Surprises in global perceptions of child abuse

    A Unicef report, the largest survey ever on violence against children, reveals unexpected attitudes that justify such abuse. Exposing these perceptions is half way to ending – and changing – them.

  • Merkel's leadership style on trial in Ukraine

    As the West's main negotiator with Russia, the German leader has tried to redefine power in Europe. Yet her patience, restraint, and step-by-step diplomacy are being tested by Putin. Germany must be able to show how the Continent can live in peace.

  • When sensational images are a click away

    Recent videos of Americans being beheaded and stolen images of nude celebrities call for Internet user to have better discernment on the easy choices in viewing such visuals.

  • Hong Kong's pearl of great price

    Long known for its freedoms, Hong Kong faces a plan by China to restrict democracy by limiting candidates in the territory's elections. At the same time, China plans more freedom for its consumers and investors. The Communist Party sits on a contradiction.