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  • Tie GM apology to action

    After news that it delayed a recall of cars with potentially lethal defect, GM apologies and puts remorse into action with reforms. Words of contrition these days must come with deeds.

  • The real West-Russia contest over Ukraine

    Putin uses force for the Crimea secession and the West retaliates with sanctions. As power plays escalate over Ukraine's future, everyone should remember that  power and influence are not really at stake.

  • What else was missing about Malaysia flight MH370

    Malaysian officials learned quickly that openness during a crisis can help resolve it. Even China criticized the slow or misleading reports about the missing plane. Transparency should be any government's first instinct.

  • Why Germany demands so much of Russia on Ukraine

    In an emotional speech Wednesday, Germany's Angela Merkel rebuked Russia's Vladimir Putin for his violation of Ukraine's sovereignty. Her country's incredible progress since World War II gives her credibility to demand the same of Russia.

  • Why Turkey's protests persist

    Turkey's growing middle class took to the streets again on news of the death of a boy injured by police during last year's mass protests. The demonstrations represent a spontaneous uprising for individual freedoms and honest government.

  • The health antidote to a heroin surge

    Attorney General Eric Holder calls a rise in heroin use a 'health crisis.' He's right to focus on the health aspect – intervention, prevention, treatment. Addiction itself is not a crime but a cause for cure.

  • An energy lesson from Crimea crisis

    Playing the petroleum card in world politics has a long history. But Russia's latest threat of gas cuts against Ukraine may finally push nations to embrace energy security and abundance as a peacemaking strategy.

  • Ukraine crisis needs a balm of gratitude

    Instead of ramping up threats over Ukraine and its Crimean Peninsula, all sides need to appreciate past achievements that drew them closer as peaceful nations.

  • Each new SAT: a window on ideas of intelligence

    The College Board unveiled a new SAT Wednesday aimed at better assessing critical thinking in college applicants. Its changes reflect evolving notions among higher ed, computer labs, and brain-research institutes about human intelligence.

  • Rescuing Nigeria from Islamic violence

    Recent horrific killings by the radical group Boko Haram call for Nigerian leaders to learn lessons on how to curb armed conflict.

  • How Ukraine crisis can revive EU ideals

    Russia's aggression in Ukraine has shocked the European Union's idealistic experiment in using mutual dependency as a means of peace. Now the EU must reaffirm those ideals by challenging Putin.

  • A path to end Russia-Ukraine crisis

    Putin justified a military action in Ukraine's Crimea as necessary to 'protect' Russian 'compatriots.' Such aggression based on an ethnic card can be easily challenged by the US and Europe.

  • Binge drinking vs. critical thinking

    Penn State's method of paying local bars to close is not a panacea for alcohol abuse by students. But it shows how schools are trying new ways to end binge drinking. They must renew their focus on clear, critical thinking.

  • Putin's chance not to be a Russian bully

    Russia's reaction to the Ukraine crisis could fulfill a stereotype of a Russia fearful of losing a buffer state. Or it can lead to a Russian identity befitting the modern world.

  • Warning signs on Colorado's marijuana legalization

    Speaking to other governors, Gov. John Hickenlooper urges caution in states following Colorado's example. He's gearing up to pay high costs for increased pot use by children.

  • Why a repentant Ukraine deserves support

    Difficult challenges face Ukraine as its new leaders try not to repeat the mistakes made after the 2004 'Orange Revolution.' Regret is a powerful motive for genuine reform.

  • Keep the peace in Venezuela's protests

    As in Ukraine, Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro is losing the moral high ground as his forces shoot innocent protesters. He must adopt the nonviolent tactics of his political opponents.

  • The real triumph of Ukraine's protests

    The values-based protests in Kiev's Maidan square helped bring down a regime built on corruption and violence. Now those values can help build a democracy modeled on those in Europe.

  • Raise the minimum wage? An alternative approach.

    Apparel giant Gap follows other companies like Costco in seeing the business wisdom of boosting wages without a government mandate.

  • Answering Ukraine's bullets

    After Ukraine police killed protesters Tuesday, the regime has lost legitimacy. Both the West and Ukrainian people must now find a peaceful way to create a legitimate government.