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  • Nigeria's ballots vs. Boko Haram's bullets (+video)

    A delay of the Nigerian presidential election is unfortunate but perhaps necessary to ensure a credible vote. An improved democracy is the best weapon against terrorists.

  • Learning to talk to enemies

    From Russia to Iran to Cuba, the US or its allies have engaged morally suspect regimes that are prone to abuse diplomatic negotiations. Any talks with adversaries must have a good prospect of success to be justified.

  • The very model of a modern Arab democracy

    Tunisia's newly formed elected government includes both Islamist and anti-Islamist parties. With much of the Arab world in turmoil, this model of tolerant pluralism needs to be the region's lodestar.

  • A new king's duty to young Saudis

    With a new monarch, Saudi Arabia must set a better example in reforms that appeal to disaffected young Muslims who may seek a purpose by fighting for Islamic State.

  • Sweet lures for China, Russia

    Despite aggression against their neighbors, China and Russia are being offered a place in regional trade unions. This honey of an offer requires a different view of them than simply as bullies.

  • Ukraine's war of the pews

    Russia's use of the Orthodox Church in its struggle over Ukraine has both divided churches in the war-town country and united them in seeking a common peace. They and the faithful, more than the fighting, may end this war.

  • Why beheading journalists backfires

    The Islamic State has now beheaded three journalists, the latest being Kenji Goto of Japan. His reports on the innocent in conflicts only highlights why groups like ISIL need a spotlight of journalistic truth on them.

  • Remodeling democracy, 800 years on

    Global surveys show rising distrust of traditional democracy, and many institutions. Yet other indicators suggest young people want different types of civic engagement. The media must probe beyond the politics of conflict.

  • Dousing China's puffing dragon

    China has launched a campaign for nonsmokers and against nicotine addiction. Despite a lack of enforcement of current smoking bans and the government's addiction to tobacco revenue, China might become a model for other countries.

  • Europe's trials bring lessons for Ukraine war

    The nearly yearlong war in Ukraine has escalated, forcing Europe to find a new unity of purpose in how to respond. The EU's lessons from its other crises can help.

  • Why Germany should invest in Greece

    The Jan. 25 Greek election results may be about ending fiscal austerity and heavy debt burdens. But any relief needs to be coupled with a boost for Greek abilities to be better entrepreneurs – and be competitive enough to pay off debts.

  • Nations that tap female empowerment

    On his visit to India, President Obama can take note of a new reform aimed at boosting the value of girls and women in the economy. Many countries now see female empowerment as necessary for growth.

  • Shaping Europe's reaction to terror

    German leaders and protesters counter anti-Islam hate groups with an embrace of tolerance. One Berlin project even plans a joint house of prayer for Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

  • Obama as Cuba's Internet provider

    Formal talks on US-Cuba ties started Wednesday, with President Obama insisting on Cubans being given access to the Internet. He is right to see the Internet as the people's searchlight for freedom – despite his doubts about 'democracy promotion.'

  • How companies deal with fear of change

    A global survey finds most people say change is happening too fast. Firms that stick to eternal values such as simplicity can help customers cope with change.

  • The real battlefield against jihadist armies

    In Iraq's struggle with Islamic State and Nigeria's with Boko Haram, each country has made some progress by embracing inclusive democracy. This, more than fighting, will fill the social vacuum that jihadist armies exploit.

  • US needs unity to counter Islamic State

    President Obama has led the bombing of Islamic State for five months with no new legal authority. Now he will propose his own law. Congress must unite behind the principles and goals in this effort while giving latitude to the president for dynamic threats.

  • We are Charlie's act of forgiveness

    The latest cover of of Charlie Hedbo magazine had a serious headline – "All is forgiven' – which is the surviving staff's real intent toward the terrorists. This may be a useful lesson for other types of conflict in the world.

  • What drives Colombia's revival despite war?

    Despite its long wars with drug barons and leftist rebels – or perhaps because of them – Colombia shows strong traits for reform. What lies behind Latin America's strongest economy?

  • A gem of an election for Sri Lanka (+video)

    A reformer's surprise presidential win brings hope of reconciliation for a Sri Lanka still divided nearly six years after a civil war.

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