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  • How China, Russia help spread democracy

    Nations not in secure alliances of democracy take note when Russia annexes a piece of Ukraine and China shoots water guns at Vietnam's ships in a claim on the Paracel Islands. Security pacts based on common civic values can be strong deterrents.

  • Negotiate with Boko Haram to release girls?

    Nigeria rules out talking with Boko Haram until the girls are released. But it also welcomes US assistance in hostage negotiation. It must draw on the experience of other countries in how and when to negotiate with terrorists.

  • Liberator's hubris and the South African election

    Like many parties that liberated their country, South Africa's ANC expects to win every election. But examples in other countries show why the ANC should, and can, reform itself rather than cling to past glory.

  • Supreme Court puts wings on public prayers (+video)

    In a ruling that allows public prayers before a town meeting, the Supreme Court points to their spiritual purpose in guiding lawmakers while also setting down constitutional bumpers against an abuse of public prayer.

  • One Moscow voice for healing in Ukraine

    As violence escalates in Ukraine, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church appears to distance himself from President Putin, calling for healing and reconciliation. Churches that align with the state often learn the hard way that Caesar has his own kingdom.

  • Finding Nigeria's missing girls (+video)

    Protests have erupted in Nigeria two weeks after the Islamic militant group Boko Haram captured more than 200 schoolgirls. Nigerians must be careful not to overreact and play into the terrorists' strategy.

  • Why Germany's Merkel gets four hours at the White House

    President Obama will spend four hours with German leader Angela Merkel at a White House summit this Friday. Her leadership style shows a new way for 'rising powers' to operate in a multipolar world.

  • Right of access for aid to Syria's innocent

    A group of experts on humanitarian law says Syria's denial of aid and its use of starvation as a weapon provide a legal right for UN aid workers to enter the country without permission. Will Obama and other leaders pick up this idea?

  • Don't ignore Ukraine's quiet revolution

    Despite headlines of war threats, armed rebellions, and more sanctions, Ukrainians are quietly enacting reforms to curb corruption and cement democracy in time for the May 25 elections. This display of self-help is worthy of Western support.

  • The neighborliness of ethical shoppers

    Purchases of 'ethical' products in Britain, such as organic food, now surpass those of alcohol and tobacco. What drives this steady global trend in 'conscious consuming'?

  • What's behind FDA rules on e-cigarettes (+video)

    The FDA's proposed regulations on electronic cigarettes help build on progress since 1964 in snuffing out any desire for tobacco-related products among Americans. The latest rules aim to help more teens make healthy choices over nicotine addiction.

  • Why Obama reassures allies

    Crises from Syria to Crimea to Japan force President Obama and top US securitys official to fly around the world reassuring allies of US security commitments. One good reason: so that nonnuclear countries don't go nuclear.

  • Why Obama must be in Asia

    The Obama trip to Asia fits a pattern of recent presidents trying to help a fractious region avoid conflicts by uniting around shared values. Pivotal to this US role are a regional trade pact and China's acceptance of universal values.

  • Calling a truce in class warfare

    A major book on capitalism's flaws by a French economist reignites the debate on income inequality. But why must capitalism's past be prologue if capitalism can help trim its excesses?

  • An Internet army of truth-tellers

    Despite Russia's attempts to control the Internet and manipulate opinion, especially over events in Ukraine, the truth seeps out. Social-media activists help ensure the free flow of ideas and facts.

  • How to defang Russia, China

    In Obama's coming visit to Japan, and Biden's to Ukraine, the US can counter the territorial aggression of Russia and China by affirming the power of alliances based on universal ideals.

  • Why Ukraine forces must act differently

    The start of operations against protesters in eastern Ukraine will be a test of the country's new commitment to democratic rights, such as peaceful assembly. Soldiers must now show restraint against unarmed demonstrators, less so against armed ones. This will influence Russia's actions.

  • How to prevent a Boston-type bombing

    On the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, one focus should be on how Muslims can prevent fellow believers from drifting toward radical ideology. What if the Tsarnaev brothers had been given such help?

  • Be glad for Greeks bearing gifts

    Greece's welcome return to financial markets after years of austerity shows Europe's economy is on the mend. Belt-tightening in the most-troubled euro nations is leading to growth.

  • A year later, lessons from the Boston Marathon bombings

    Long after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, the city felt a surprising social cohesion, the kind that helps bring hope and healing. Many cities try to boost 'social resilience' to act as a community shock absorber and as a building stone after a tragedy.