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  • Tallying up social progress

    Trying to measure social progress with a global index that compares countries can be as fraught as the reliance on GDP statistics. Yet it points to new ways to view progress.

  • Stepping up the innovation ladder

    Protests in Taiwan against a trade pact with China illustrate the difficulties that countries can have in staying innovative enough to compete with low-wage nations. Innovation often requires a culture shift.

  • India election: a pivot to Hindu nationalism?

    The India election that begins this week could catapult a Hindu nationalist, Narendra Modi, to power. How he defines the national interest will determine India's place in the world as a peaceful player.

  • What to celebrate in Rwanda's genocide anniversary

    The 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide should focus as much on how the African nation worked toward reconciliation through forgiveness as on the mass slaughter itself.

  • Why a Supreme Court ruling may help curb corruption

    A Supreme Court ruling that further lifts curbs on money in politics is a reminder of why global efforts against corruption must be grass roots.

  • The US-Russia 'great game' over Ukraine

    The US-Russia talks over Ukraine's future left out the Ukrainian people, treating them like pawns on a chessboard. In the age of democracy and the Internet, big powers cannot go over the heads of individuals and their aspirations.

  • Afghanistan election: a feat to behold (+video)

    Despite Taliban threats against voters, Afghans are eager to cast ballots in Saturday's pivotal presidential election. The world must support their desire to consolidate their triumphs since 2001.

  • Obama's taxing proposal on giving

    Even as he enlists private charity to help young men of color, President Obama again proposes a new cap on the charitable tax deduction. There need be no clash between private giving and paying taxes.

  • What Obama should ask of Saudi Arabia

    President Obama's trip to Saudi Arabia comes as a Middle East struggle over 'political Islam' reaches a boiling point. The president can ask his royal hosts what is the best form of government for the world's Muslims.

  • The Obama challenge to Putin's lawlessness

    From Crimea to China to Egypt, authoritarian regimes are defying international norms. In a speech in Europe, President Obama wisely stands up for rule of law derived through democratic procedures, citing Putin's Crimea grab as Exhibit A for what not to do.

  • All bets are off in NCAA Tournament 2014

    Betting on the brackets during March Madness has turned an amateur college sport based on talent and teamwork into an idol of luck. Gambling on the NCAA Tournament may also turn out to be a fun-killer and an illusion of self-control.

  • A rush to restore global order after Crimea

    Russia's taking of Crimea has spurred a drive to save international norms, reflected in its expulsion from the G-8. This shows the deep desire to maintain a world order, not only to avoid conflicts but for further progress.

  • To safeguard Asia, Obama must first deal with a test of penitence

    Obama wisely brings together the leaders of South Korea and Japan, a necessary step to reconcile them over their history and allow them to cooperate in defending Asia's security.

  • Can Russia still act responsibly? In Libya vote, yes.

    Despite its Crimea crime, Russia votes at the UN to honor Libya's sovereignty against rebel attempts to steal the country's oil. The world order still needs that kind of Russia.

  • Saving Ukraine from another Russian heist

    Even as the EU and US weigh more sanctions against Moscow, they must unite behind a plan to lift Ukraine into a stable democracy with a West-oriented economy. That would be the best deterrent to further Russian designs.

  • Tie GM apology to action

    After news that it delayed a recall of cars with potentially lethal defect, GM apologies and puts remorse into action with reforms. Words of contrition these days must come with deeds.

  • The real West-Russia contest over Ukraine

    Putin uses force for the Crimea secession and the West retaliates with sanctions. As power plays escalate over Ukraine's future, everyone should remember that  power and influence are not really at stake.

  • What else was missing about Malaysia flight MH370

    Malaysian officials learned quickly that openness during a crisis can help resolve it. Even China criticized the slow or misleading reports about the missing plane. Transparency should be any government's first instinct.

  • Why Germany demands so much of Russia on Ukraine

    In an emotional speech Wednesday, Germany's Angela Merkel rebuked Russia's Vladimir Putin for his violation of Ukraine's sovereignty. Her country's incredible progress since World War II gives her credibility to demand the same of Russia.

  • Why Turkey's protests persist

    Turkey's growing middle class took to the streets again on news of the death of a boy injured by police during last year's mass protests. The demonstrations represent a spontaneous uprising for individual freedoms and honest government.