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  • Europe’s silver lining in the Greek deal

    The Greek crisis taught the European Union that a single currency needs greater political union. The reform plan for Greece includes a way to track its financial obligations to the eurozone.

  • When government shares data about itself

    Hacks of data held by governments about citizens are troubling. But governments providing information online about how they work and spend tax dollars is a good thing.

  • New paths to sustainable energy

    The US and other countries will be making ambitious commitments to cut carbon emissions. But at the same time new ways to do it keep bubbling up.

  • Goals that sparked progress

    The UN’s 2015 Millennium Development Goals failed to end global poverty or disease. But they did trigger remarkable steps forward.

  • Iraq-Syria solution will need more than bombs and boots

    An effective military strategy must spring from asking deeper questions.

  • A women’s World Cup to remember

    Exciting, skillful play was just part of the story. So were sportsmanship and a growing, family-oriented fan base.

  • A new unity of focus on the heroin trade

    A coming UN special session on drugs will be a timely help for the center of the rising global trade in heroin, Afghanistan. The world must unite to set a norm against addiction.

  • Fresh eyes on Jerusalem’s stubborn impasse

    For too long, the issue of Muslim and Jewish access to their holy sites in Jerusalem’s Old City has been seen as intractable. But a new report suggests religious leaders can help solve what is at heart a religious issue.

  • Obama’s silence on spillover of legal pot

    Colorado’s legalization of marijuana has prompted a suit before the Supreme Court and a request for President Obama to take a position. Here’s why he should side with the suit by Oklahoma and Nebraska. 

  • Of kings, lawmakers, and 'we the people'

    Just as the world celebrates Magna Carta, the Supreme Court rules that popular referendums can, in effect, be the same as a legislature. The search for a natural law of self-governance goes on.

  • After same-sex marriage ruling, a way to reconcile

    No matter what one thinks of the Supreme Court's decision in favor of same-sex marriage, both sides need a better understanding of dignity to avoid future duels in the courts or legislatures.

  • The court's choice words in 'Obamacare' ruling

    A theme runs through Chief Justice Roberts's rulings upholding aspects of the Affordable Care Act. In the latest one on federal insurance exchanges, he again emphasizes freedom and choice.

  • Patience as a corporate virtue

    To encourage long-term thinking in banks, Britain imposes a possible delay in executive bonuses. Other steps can help reduce ‘short-termism’ in corporations.

  • Japan, South Korea cozy up

    By jointly honoring an anniversary, the two US allies can now finish making amends and start to work together for their common interests in Asia.

  • Looking for ways to prevent ‘another Charleston’

    The first major reform proposed after the racial killings in South Carolina was to remove a symbol from the state capitol: the Confederate flag. This may seem minor, but it signals how America deals with racism today.

  • A sibling model of reform for Greece

    As the European Union and Greece try again to avoid a showdown, another Greek-speaking country, Cyprus, has made praiseworthy reforms after its financial crisis. It can be a model for its larger sibling.

  • A black church's road to recovery

    The mass killing at a historic black church in Charleston is a needless tragedy, but one that triggers a strong tradition in black churches: forgiveness.

  • From fathers to 'fatherhood'

    Starting this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate men and women able to perform as both a father and a mother. A 'Fatherhood Day,' perhaps?

  • Giving is way up, but for what reason?

    An unexpected rebound in giving in the US so soon after the recession is attributed to a healthier economy. But one study finds other, less material motives for generosity.

  • A model of reconciliation for Myanmar

    Buddhist attacks on Muslim Rohingya minorities in Myanmar (Burma) cry out for a solution. One may lie in Sri Lanka, where a new president, a Buddhist, seeks postwar reconciliation with minority Tamils.

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