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  • Country of the Year? Try Mexico.

    Last week's approval of reforms for the pivotal oil company Pemex caps a year of major reforms that could transform Mexico – and perhaps change the immigration debate in the US.

  • Saving Islam from suicide bombs

    Saudi Arabia's leading Muslim cleric came out forcefully against suicide bombings. The Middle East, now roiling with such attacks, needs more Islamic scholars speaking out.

  • What the Ryan-Murray budget deal really means

    The Ryan-Murray budget deal reflects an approach that some states are trying with new political structures that force leaders to compromise, not on principles but on ideology.

  • A Christmas gift from the next generation

    The Great Recession helped reverse a decades-long rise in materialism among many young people. Despite a tough financial future, they are also more concerned about others. This shift is a gift for those seeking less spending at Christmas.

  • The Ukraine protests for integrity

    The protests in Ukraine that erupted after the president rejected possible EU membership are now aimed at high-level corruption. More countries are seeing protests demanding integrity from elected leaders.

  • Mandela's gift of grace

    By finding his freedom in grace and dignity, he was able to help bring freedom to all South Africans.

  • After the UN quells the Central African Republic

    With the United Nations Security Council approval of a French-African Union force in the chaotic Central African Republic, the next step should be restoring Christian-Muslim harmony, village by village.

  • China's tech innovators must 'breathe free'

    In his visit to China, Vice President Joe Biden spoke of a need for people to 'breathe free' to achieve innovation in science and technology. China's hopes for 'independent' innovation rest on allowing such freedom.

  • How Ukraine can someday join the EU

    Peaceful protests by Ukrainians in favor of a pact with the European Union reveal the brutal Soviet-style tactics of the regime. The EU must stand firm for democratic values.

  • Before the shopping drone arrives

    Buying things is becoming faster and easier thanks to the Internet. But wise shopping is still a human art.

  • Here's a conversation starter for Thanksgiving

    A campaign called Giving Tuesday rolls into its second successful year to curb the commercialism of the Thanksgiving holiday season with a day of generosity. It would make Ben Franklin smile.

  • China reforms can't stop at water's edge

    The Chinese military's provocative moves on Japan-controlled islands do not match the spirit of reform in the Communist Party's recent plenum. Wiser heads in China need to ensure the country's peaceful rise as a power.

  • The Iran nuclear deal's test of motives

    The temporary agreement on Iran's nuclear program is merely an initial test of good intentions on both sides. For Iran, it will ultimately be a test of whether it wants to be a player for peace.

  • US-Afghanistan alliance will be more than shared interests

    As Afghan leaders debate a draft security agreement with the United States, the two nations must recognize they are balancing more than each one's interests. After 12 years of war and joint efforts, the two are now bound up in common purpose.

  • New Jersey's dicey launch of Internet gambling

    On Nov. 26, New Jersey will become the third – and by far the most populous – state to allow online gambling for money within its borders. Before more states follow suit, the US must rethink this dubious race to make gambling so easy.

  • Help teens erase their web indiscretions

    Many teens may come to regret a photo on social media or other internet postings. But a new California law, which requires websites to let teens 'erase' their digital past, may be catching on in other states.

  • At Iran nuclear talks, put trust on the table

    Talks resume Wednesday over the Iranian nuclear program, with the US and Iran still highly mistrustful of the other. Even if a pact is signed, implementing it will require some degree of trust. Better to start with some trust now.

  • Philippines can 'build back better'

    Mega-disasters like super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines can be an opportunity for devastated communities to re-envision a different future, one built on resiliency to disaster and stronger community ties.

  • How rating colleges can challenge students

    As the Obama administration crafts a rating system for colleges, a study reveals how little students feel challenged by their professors. Ratings may help raise expectations in higher education.

  • Why US must help Afghanistan kick the heroin-trade habit

    Just as President Obama prepares to reduce the US role there, Afghanistan sees a big rise in opium cultivation. The US cannot leave the nation it invaded as a narco-state.