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  • Readers Write: US also shot down a civilian plane; Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s return to duty; Americans united against gridlock

    Letters to the Editor for August 11, 2014 weekly magazine:Kovach: In 1988, Iran Air Flight 655, a civiian plane, was shot down by the USS Vincennes.Uberuaga: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will return to active duty only until it is determined if he will be court-martialed.Geist: Congress might be divided, but the American people aren't.

  • Readers Write: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl paid his dues; Unpopular views are still protected

    Letters to the Editor for August 4, 2014 weekly magazine:Ore: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl shouldn't be returned to active duty. He has paid his dues.Frank: Freedom of speech protects all speech, not just the speech we agree with.

  • Readers Write: Nostalgia for the Postal Service; Oversexualization of society; Good parents can be made

    Letters to the Editor for July 28, 2014 weekly magazine:Willis: There is nothing like the feeling of receiving a hand written letterLozer: Santa Barbara shoots showed problems of society's oversexualiztion Gibel: Good parenting skills can be taught

  • Readers Write: Israeli actions were legitimate; Student debt's lasting effects

    Letters to the Editor for July 21, 2014 weekly magazine:Gann: Actions taken by Israel in rounding up people suspected of complicity in the kidnapping were entirely legitimate. Horacek: High levels of student loans amongst recent graduates mean they won't be able to save for their future children's college

  • Readers Write: NCAA coaches are paid too much; Accept smart changes to grammar

    Letters to the Editor for July 7, 2014 weekly magazine:BYRD: Since the primary goal of college is education, it's time to start paying NCAA football coaches less than the faculty.EMERSON: Grammar changes that make punctuation and spelling easier should be welcomed and encouraged.

  • Readers Write: Affordable US housing ‘the Nordic way’; US Constitution: the vision vs. the letter

    Letters to the Editor for the June 23, 2014 weekly magazine:SEDAN: The May 12 cover story, 'The Nordic way,' reminded me of Sweden’s program to tackle its post-World War II housing shortages – which could be a model for the US.JOHNSON: There are those who understand and honor the promise and vision of the Constitution and those who can’t seem to see beyond a simplistic, self-serving interpretation of its letter.

  • A different narrative for the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict

    We take issue with Svante E. Cornell’s characterization of the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artaskh in Armenian) conflict in his June 10 op-ed “Why America must step up its role in resolving Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.”

  • Readers Write: Time to end, not invest in, fossil fuels; The semicolon’s rise – and demise?

    Letters to the Editor for the June 16, 2014 weekly magazine: CUTLER: The main opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline is that any production of hydrocarbon fuel is foolhardy in the face of imminent disaster from climate disruption, regardless of how that fuel is shipped.ANDERSON: Proper use of the semicolon plagued translators of the King James Bible just as it does students of today. Its place in modern is now threatened by another mark of punctuation – the em dash.

  • Readers Write: A ‘transfer credit’ story; Loving your enemies is practical wisdom

    Letters to the Editor for the June 9, 2014 weekly magazine:With the benefit of hindsight, I’m grateful that none of my community college credits transferred to the four-year college I was enrolling at. There's another side to the story.Sally Kohn’s What I learned as a liberal talking head on Fox News' makes clear the practical wisdom on why every individual and nation should make an effort to love their so-called enemies.

  • Readers Write: Obama flouts Constitution; Opening conversational gambits

    Letters to the Editor for the June 2, 2014 weekly magazine:President Obama’s past and contemplated use of executive power to waive deportations makes clear to me that he has violated his oath to uphold the Constitution.After reading Ruth Walker’s May 5 Verbal Energy column, 'Big ideas in small talk,' I had a chance to practice what I had learned on conversation starters.

  • Readers Write: GOP media has nice people with bad policies; US ignores Constitution

    Letters to the Editor for the May 26, 2014 weekly magazine:I don’t doubt that the people at Fox News all are beautiful human beings. I just don’t care for the way they seem to slant the truth to push an agenda or be controversial.I don’t think the differences in people’s political views should be characterized as Republican versus Democrat. I see the difference as being constitutionalists versus anarchists. 

  • Readers Write: A day Japan and South Korea can share; Palestinians' daily struggles

    Letters to the Editor for the May 19, 2014 weekly magazine:I suggest Oct. 23, 1950 as the day South Korea and Japan can jointly commemorate as equals. On that day, a South Korean warship, overhauled by Japanese shipbuilders, was commissioned.The 'big-ticket questions, such as Palestinian sovereignty, claims to Jerusalem, and the "right of return" ' are very relevant to the day-to-day lives of Palestinians.

  • Readers Write: The ongoing debate over e-cigarettes

    Letters to the Editor for the May 12, 2014 weekly magazine:Some studies have shown that electronic cigarettes deliver 'little if any' nicotine to the bloodstream and that nicotine, absent tobacco, is a relatively weak drug, similar to caffeine.With e-cigarettes, high-profile cigarette use is back on TV. What does that say about their acceptability, especially when the world is still debating whether they are safe?

  • Readers Write: Heroin and America's spiritual void; Hypocrisy on Putin's Ukraine move

    Letters to the Editor for the May 5, 2014 weekly magazine:Consumerism and technology are constantly trying to convince us of the self-evident absurdity that we can 'have it all'. In truth, we not only can't have it all, we really don't want it!The look at heroin addiction in American suburbia brings attention to the paucity of spiritual control in our YOLO ('you only live once') society.If, to protect itself from potential threats, the US can justify invading countries near the Russian sphere of influence, how can the US deny Russia the same justification with Crimea?

  • Readers Write: Don't ignore charter school successes; FDA must rule on marijuana safety

    Letters to the Editor for the April 21, 2014 weekly magazine:If change in schools is going to be more than the ritual of introducing a new set of jargon while continuing business as usual, change must be bottom-up and meet teachers' real needs.I can attest firsthand to the negatives of an insidious drug subculture. Marijuana may have benefits for certain patients. But first its safety and efficacy must be established by FDA.

  • Readers Write: Facing up to population growth; Thanks, America, for great TV dramas

    Letters to the Editor for the April 14, 2014 weekly magazine edition of the Monitor:Must a sustainable economy depend on infinite expansion and mass extinction? I would like to believe there is a solution to both the survival of humanity and the natural world.Not all the good TV shows originate on 'the other side of the pond.' In fact, those of us in England are counting on the US to keep producing good TV drama.

  • Readers Write: Where are the American prodigies?

    Letters to the Editor for the April 7, 2014 weekly magazine:If it weren't for immigrants America would be in sad shape. Too many 'natives' are more interested in texting, celebrities, sports heroes, fighting over abortion and contraceptive rights, and denying global warming and evolution than promoting and improving education.Many US colleges are funded by American taxpayers, and their first responsibility is to educate, inspire, and create opportunity for American youth. Should we be focusing on finding foreign talent, rather than recruiting and developing the talent of our own youth?

  • Readers Write: America spent while its military fought; Obama shouldn't take sides in Syria's religious war

    Letters to the Editor for the March 31, 2014 weekly magazine: Budget deficits now threaten benefits for veterans. Nobody likes to pay higher taxes, but America has a responsibility to those it sends to war. Syria's civil war is fundamentally a conflict between Sunni Muslims and Alawites, Christians, and Druze. By supporting the rebels, Mr. Obama has taken sides in a religious war.

  • Readers Write: BDS movement and Israeli economy; EU's history of ill-treatment of Israel

    Letters to the Editor for the March 24, 2014 weekly magazine:Without mentioning the BDS movement's successes, a recent article on Israel's growth in the cyber security sector reads like a pro-Israel propaganda piece.While reading about Europe's growing boycott of Israeli companies, I realized that European behaviors toward Israel have ranged from naive to hostile for decades.

  • Readers Write: Monitor addresses targeted killings; Income inequality is clear and pressing

    Letters to the Editor for the March 17, 2014 weekly issue:The Monitor's attention to any American extrajudicial killings has been solid and dependable.Income inequality is excessive, and there are ways of reducing it without being unfair to higher-income individuals.

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