Readers write: Examination of Islamist moderates, cartoon cuts, protecting the Amazon, and sustainability of farms

Letters to the editor for the Nov. 5, 2018 weekly magazine.

Richard Mertens
Kayla Coehoorn, 25, at her family's farm in Angelica, Wis. Coehoorn manages the farm's dairy herd. Robots milk about 120 cows. She's hosing down the floor in room while a robot milks a cow on the right.

Examination of Islamist moderates

The Sept. 17 cover story, “Rise of the Islamist moderates,” was an excellent piece. I’m an Islam scholar and Middle East studies professor. This is spot on with what I’m seeing. Thanks for real journalism.

Jason Howk

Pinehurst, N.C.

Cartoon cuts

I’ve been a longtime fan of the Monitor and appreciate the reporting on our world. It helps me live in my own tiny one (materially speaking). 

However, I must protest changes in your recent issues. The pictures are still interesting, but do they have to be so large? And your three weekly cartoons are so precious. They have always been what I turn to before the week is out. They are the best! Please don’t reduce the number to two.

Mary Larsen

Mt. Lebanon, Pa.

Protecting the Amazon

The Oct. 1 cover story, “Camp Amazon,” was a wonderful article. I know so little about this area. Because it is a system of such value, we need to protect it.

Ann Watzel

Bloomington, Ind.

Sustainability of farms

Regarding the Aug. 23 Monitor Daily article “Want to keep ’em down on the dairy farm? Add robots”: “Diversity equals resilience” is an ecological principle that applies to the health of natural ecosystems as well as to the health of the farming industry. I wonder how we can enable the diversity of small farms to stay in business while at the same time adopting expensive technology that will incentivize young people to want to become farmers. Falling milk prices and rising technology costs are a recipe for fewer small farms and larger industrial farms. It’s a trend that doesn’t bode well for the diversity of our food system.

Dave Oakes

Hope, Maine

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