Readers write: Thoughts on new Heart of the News section

Letters to the editor for the Oct. 29, 2018 weekly magazine.

Alfredo Sosa/The Christian Science Monitor
Owen Thomas, editor of The Christian Science Monitor Weekly proofs pages on May 16, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Thoughts on new Heart of the News section

I’ve just finished reading the Heart of the News in the Sept. 10 issue. I actually read most of the section without realizing there had been a change. Yet I instinctively felt there was something different about the articles. On page 14, I found your “What do you think?” question box. 

Where I see the difference most prominently is the change in the first few articles: They were not a rehash of the events I already knew about from the previous week. 

One of the many things I appreciate about The Christian Science Monitor Weekly is the reporting from parts of the world I rarely hear about. Some of the One Week in the News articles did that, but many were telling me news I had already gotten from other sources.

Thank you for continuing to improve the way you bring me news!

Mary Gawel-Ensroth

Troy, Mich.

On Heart of the News – the articles seem longer but fewer. Is that good?

Mary Lou Peckham

Fort Collins, Colo.

I was surprised at first to see that you decided to scrap the One Week in the News section of the Weekly Print Edition. However, after reading the new segment I am a convert.  

All the articles in the Heart of the News are interesting and I’m now a fan. 

Keep up the good work! I’ve been reading the Monitor every week for more than three years now, and I love the good work you all do.

Tim Crump

Carmichael, Calif.

I love the additional depth you have added to the stories in the Heart of the News section each week. It helps clarify why that particular story is important and how good is being spread in our ever-changing world.

Keep up the great reporting!

John Challenger

Irvine, Calif.

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