Readers write: Scottish phrases, more photos, reading habits, learning about the Amazon

Letters to the editor for the Oct. 22, 2018 weekly magazine.

Amanda Paulson/The Christian Science Monitor
Giant waterlilies in the Amazon River have complex structures that enable them to hold a substantial weight, and were the inspiration for some modern architecture.

Scottish phrases

I enjoyed the Sept. 24 Home Forum essay, “I am taught by towels.” I’ve read English and historical romantic novels and Terry Pratchett’s “Wee Free Men” series, so I’ve picked up a smattering of Scottish words. They are fun!

Joy V. Smith

Lakeland, Fla.

More photos

The Sept. 3 People Making a Difference article about Ayr Muir would benefit from more photos involving the food or one of the Clover Food Lab restaurants. I also want to know what other cities these restaurants are in. What this article did do was arouse my interest; I went to their website and found out what I needed to know. I am so glad I know about this restaurant that is “on a mission,” and it made me wish one was in my city. Thank you.

Gretchen Liuzzi


Reading habits

Regarding Ronald W. McLean’s Oct. 1 letter: Yes, there are people who read each issue from back to front, and I am one of them. I started reading that way years ago and for the same reasons. Reading his letter made me smile. And how I miss John Gould’s essays! But Robert Klose’s are the next best thing. I have saved every one. May the Monitor and Mr. Klose “write on” for many years.

Judith Park

Santa Rosa, Calif.

Learning about the Amazon

Kudos to Amanda Paulson for her great Oct. 1 cover story. Interesting about mosquitoes. I always thought they were everywhere in the Amazon since a friend had to come inside while emailing me from there because his screen became so blackened! The article told me more about that part of the world than I was ever taught or had read about before.


Portland, Ore.

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