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  • Readers Write: America spent while its military fought; Obama shouldn't take sides in Syria's religious war

    Letters to the Editor for the March 31, 2014 weekly magazine: Budget deficits now threaten benefits for veterans. Nobody likes to pay higher taxes, but America has a responsibility to those it sends to war. Syria's civil war is fundamentally a conflict between Sunni Muslims and Alawites, Christians, and Druze. By supporting the rebels, Mr. Obama has taken sides in a religious war.

  • Readers Write: BDS movement and Israeli economy; EU's history of ill-treatment of Israel

    Letters to the Editor for the March 24, 2014 weekly magazine:Without mentioning the BDS movement's successes, a recent article on Israel's growth in the cyber security sector reads like a pro-Israel propaganda piece.While reading about Europe's growing boycott of Israeli companies, I realized that European behaviors toward Israel have ranged from naive to hostile for decades.

  • Readers Write: Monitor addresses targeted killings; Income inequality is clear and pressing

    Letters to the Editor for the March 17, 2014 weekly issue:The Monitor's attention to any American extrajudicial killings has been solid and dependable.Income inequality is excessive, and there are ways of reducing it without being unfair to higher-income individuals.

  • Readers Write: Fetuses should be given 'certificate of life'; Can't put off climate change solutions; Will immigration reform hurt jobs?

    Letters to the Editor for the March 3, 2014 weekly magazine:If authorities issues a death certificate for Jahi McMath after diagnosing her as brain dead, it would be logical to issue a "certificate of life" for every fetus whose 'brain waves' can be detected.Scientific integrity weighs against premature claims that this winter's weird weather is a symptom of human-caused climate disruption. But a wait-and-see attitude may seal our doom.Why do politicians want to reward employers who hired illegal workers, and why should their jobs receive special federal protection when the jobs of many Americans haven't.

  • Readers Write: Obama executions flout Constitution

    Letters to the Editor for the March 3, 2014 weekly magazine: The US Constitution prohibits government from depriving a citizen of life, liberty, or property without due process. President Obama has demonstrated his indifference tow this protection by executing US citizens overseas.

  • Readers Write: Vague definitions of income inequality; Our daughter's interview with Mary

    Letters to the Editor for the February 24, 2014 weekly magazine: Without parameters for the term, how can one know if 'income inequality' has been eradicated?Intuitively, the solution to income inequality is income equality. If that is not the goal, then there will always be income inequality – and the potential for class warfare.An essay on meeting the Beatles reminds me of when our daughter Alice interviewed Mary Travers of the group Peter, Paul, and Mary, developing a relationship that lasted until Mary's death.

  • Readers Write: Bridge-gate spells end for Christie; Drought and immigration growth

    Letters to the Editor for the Feb. 17, 2014 weekly magazine:If 'bridge-gate' was caused solely by Christie's underlings, he has no control of his staff. If he had prior knowledge of it, it is a criminal matter. Such a person is not deserving of the presidency – or a governorship.The Pew Research Center projects that 82 percent of US population growth between 2005 and 2050 will come from immigrants and their descendants. Yet we dodge discussing the consequences demographics have on scarce water resources.

  • Readers Write: An education on the real Iran

    Letters to the Editor for the Feb. 10, 2014 weekly magazine: His wife handed out oranges from her basket and told us, 'In Iran, everything is good except the government. But governments come and go; the people stay.' We need to remember the people.

  • Readers Write: The future of retail is 'buy local'; The key to Africa's economic growth

    Letters to the Editor for the Feb. 3, 2014 weekly magazine:Kenya's future is increasingly being dictated not by the national government or major businesses, but rather by civil society – the people. Hopefully, the trend will continue in Africa.Internet shopping appealed to me until I realized it pointed to an anonymous shopping future with a total focus on cost and speed. My vision of retail would be that consumers seek out local stores and only turn to the big chains and the giant Amazon as a last resort.

  • Readers Write: What about Israel's role in Mideast Christian exodus?; Praise for truth-telling on Islam's role in Mideast

    Letters to the Editor for the January 27, 2014 weekly magazine edition of the Monitor: If looking at the removal of Christians from the Middle East, one shouldn't ignore the plight of Palestinian Christians under the Israeli occupation; Too many reporters and government representatives do not have the fortitude to tell the truth about Islam in the Middle East.

  • Readers Write: My Obamacare story; The case for paper books over e-books

    Letters to the Editor for the January 20, 2014 weekly magazine edition of the Monitor:As retirees over 60, the closest Affordable Care Act policy to our old one costs 24 percent more and includes coverage we don't need. But the cost of our old policy has increased by 34 percent.The ever-identical screens of my Kindle become mind-numbing, whereas the imperfections of my paper books serve as guideposts for locating key passages of text.Finally, some research to explain why I never finish my e-books, but breeze through paper copies.

  • Readers Write: Skepticism on Iran deal, Israel, media

    Letters to the Editor for the January 13, 2014 weekly magazine: Will the delay agreement become a Neville Chamberlain 'peace for our time' appeasement?; What of the media's double standard of silence on Israel's possession of nuclear weapons?; We should review the history of the lead-up to World War II and not repeat the same mistakes.

  • Readers Write: Afghan women eager to learn; 'We the people' have other solutions

    Letters to the Editor for the December 30, 2013 weekly magazine:I teach English to female students in Kandahar over Skype. These delightful women are not brainwashed but rather eager to learn – and they take great personal risks to do so.Frequently, when 'we the people' ask ourselves, 'What's the root problem?,' we come up with very different solutions from those offered by policymakers in Washington.

  • Readers Write: Teens can't really erase Internet regrets; A new era of colonialism

    Letters to the Editor for the December 23, 2013 weekly magazine:What is the use of an 'eraser law' such as California's that only allows teens to delete Internet activity that hasn't been retweeted, reposted, or otherwise dispersed online?Kenya has a right to question the ICC's 'fairness' toward Africa, because of the enduring history of colonialism. As US retirees move to Latin America, that history may just be repeating itself. 

  • Readers Write: Democrats didn't lose to personality; US hypocrisy on Israel

    Letters to the Editor for the December 16, 2013 weekly magazine:Citizens need to know how the candidates and the issues affect their state before they cast their votes. And the Democratic Party needs to be honest about why candidates win or lose.Calls for US support of religious freedom will be sanctimonious hypocrisy as long as we fail to insist on real democracy and a fully secular resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Readers Write: The strong precedent for Obamacare; Waging peace with aid

    Letters to the Editor for the December 9, 2013 weekly magazine:Every other industrialized country has some type of national health-care system because it can't afford US-style medicine. And neither can America.Accounts of good works Vietnam veterans are performing in Vietnam are heartening. US military personnel are increasingly proving the effectiveness of waging peace with humanitarian aid.

  • Readers Write: Threats to a new Detroit; How to help 'English Language Learners'

    Letters to the Editor for the December 2, 2013 weekly magazine:Detroit citizens can't look to government for 'all of the answers,' but they should look at government, to ensure the city avoids the mismanagement that fed its bankruptcy.Beginning ELLs will neither acquire English nor learn subject matter if they are placed in regular classes right away. Evidence supports LA's plan to separate them initially.

  • Readers Write: Fracking threatens public safety; Industry can't be trusted

    Letters to the Editor for the November 25, 2013 weekly magazine: Fractured shale provides minimal filtration, so contaminants can travel more easily and quickly. Putting chemicals in water and shooting it into the ground isn't a good idea.Some make the case that government is doing a good job regulating the oil and gas industry on fracking. If companies really were trustworthy, they would have been self-regulating.

  • Readers Write: Valor and empathy go hand in hand; Ultimate bottom line is saving Earth

    Letters to the Editor for the November 18, 2013 weekly print magazine:Teddy Roosevelt's example is one for all of us to follow: Personal valor and being a strong negotiator go hand in hand with empathy for all mankind.The ultimate bottom line for efficiency improvement and clean energy is to save the planet, and humanity, from the worst of climate disruption.

  • Readers Write: Less population growth means more water; More to 'Heart of Darkness'; Partisanship kills progress

    Letters to the Editor for the November 11, 2013 weekly print magazine:The Middle East's population boom will exacerbate the regions' upcoming water shortage. Why aren't more environmentalists recommending that these countries work to reduce fertility rates?Joseph Conrad's novel 'Heart of Darkness' is much more complex than 'the enemy as Other.' It can even be read with that feeling of 'We have met the enemy and he is us.'Excess partisanship is deadly to sensible progress in legislation. Does this phenomenon not explain why those who seek compromise have essentially been excoriated by Congress?