Readers write: Up to date on Central America news, children and play, and real meat

Letters to the editor for the March 18, 2019 weekly magazine.

Santiago Billy/AP
People gather in Guatemala City Jan. 9 to show support for the Constitutional Court, which blocked President Jimmy Morales's decision to end the United Nations International Commission Against Impunity.

Up to date on Central America news

The Jan. 11 Monitor Daily article “Why Guatemala’s 180 on corruption matters for Central America” was a very interesting article. Please keep us posted on any further developments in Central America that threaten courts, anti-corruption efforts, and agencies. 

I speak Spanish and would like to visit Nicaragua for farming and other mission activities. I need to be kept posted on what is happening there with government crackdowns on citizen freedoms, instability, and violence. These recurring articles that you do on the same troubled location or problems and proposed solutions are why I continue to subscribe to both your daily and weekly news publications and tell others about them.

Nancy B. Chandler

Phippsburg, Maine

Children and play

As an early childhood professional, I enjoyed the Jan. 8 Monitor Daily article “Mexico tells early learners: You need to play more.” I’m wondering how widespread the traditional, strict, no-play approach actually is. 

Several years ago, I spent a day in a Chihuahua state kindergarten where the children were given literacy and math lessons but also had plenty of free play. In fact, for a while they played tag by jumping from table to table in a fashion that no American lawyer would have permitted in any classroom.

Suzanne Krogh

Bellingham, Wash.

Real meat

Regarding the Feb. 18 article “Why farmers have a beef with alternative ‘meat’ ”: I understand the environmental effect, but what about the effect on possible loss of cattle ranches? 

Some of us enjoy the taste and experience of eating real meat.

Betty L. Tuttle

Columbus, Ind.

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