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  • Cover Story Occupy Europe: How a generation went from indifferent to indignant

    Occupy Europe? From Madrid to Athens, young people facing a bleak future are casting doubt on European identity.
    10/29/2011 10:55 am

  • Amid BRICS' rise and 'Arab Spring', a new global order forms

    With American unilateralism ebbing, Western nations and the rising BRICS countries are still finding their way to a new geopolitical balance – and Arab Spring nations like Syria are caught in the middle.
    10/18/2011 02:18 pm

  • Somalia famine revives debate: is it acceptable to patent aid?

    Somalia's famine has boosted demand for the malnutrition treatment Plumpy'nut. But a patent curtails production – and has sparked intense debate over balancing business interests with humanitarian need.
    10/03/2011 05:07 pm

  • A push to farm smarter – not bigger – to feed the world's hungry

    With famine in Africa and food prices at record highs, governments and agencies around the globe are looking to educate small farmers about more efficient, sustainable agriculture practices.
    09/20/2011 11:59 am

  • Death penalty: Top 5 countries to execute the most people

    According to Amnesty International’s annual Death Sentences and Executions report, at least 527 people were executed in 23 countries in 2010, plus thousands in China. The number of people executed worldwide since 2007 is more than 2,500. Here are the five countries registering the most executions since 2007:
    09/18/2011 04:41 pm

  • The world's top universities in 2011

    For the second year in a row, the United Kingdom’s University of Cambridge topped America’s Harvard University in the annual QS ranking of the world’s top universities. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a UK-based higher education consulting firm, released its much-anticipated list of the top 300 today. Academic reputation – a subjective assessment – accounts for 40 percent of the score that determines where schools end up on the rankings. You can get a closer look at the methodology here. This year’s top 10 dropped American universities Princeton and California Institute of Technology in favor of two other leading US schools. You can check out last year’s top 10 here and explore why QS’s rankings caused such a stir.
    09/06/2011 01:14 pm

  • What is Eid al-Fitr?

    For most Muslims, Eid al-Fitr, the joyous end to the month-long fast of Ramadan, began last night. What's it all about?
    08/30/2011 01:32 pm

  • Russia's Arctic 'sea grab'

    Russia is expected within months to claim to the United Nations its right to annex about 380,000 square miles of the Arctic.
    08/14/2011 02:23 pm

  • World markets respond to US credit downgrade

    Today is the first day that most stock exchanges have been open since ratings agency Standard & Poor's announced its US credit downgrade from a AAA rating to AA+. Here’s how world markets have responded so far:
    08/08/2011 01:33 pm

  • Ramadan 101: Five facts about the holy month of Ramadan

    Muslims around the world will begin celebrating Ramadan today. Throughout the month-long holiday, they will fast from dawn to dusk. Ramadan is happening at the heart of summer this year, posing a greater challenge than normal for those observing the fast.
    08/01/2011 02:12 pm

  • UN offers 10 ways to eliminate the global justice disparity for women

    While the world is making progress on putting women in positions of power and passing legislation to promote gender equality, these laws often don't reach those who need the most help, says new UN report.
    07/06/2011 05:10 pm

  • Social media: Did Twitter and Facebook really build a global revolution?

    Social media: From Iran to Tunisia and Egypt and beyond, Twitter and Facebook are the power tools of civic upheaval – but social media is only one factor in the spread of democratic revolution.
    06/30/2011 01:21 pm

  • ICC issues Qaddafi warrant: Key prosecutions of world leaders

    The International Criminal Court issued international arrest warrants today for Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, and intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi, charging them with crimes against humanity in the early weeks of Libya's uprising. It is only the second-ever international arrest warrant for a sitting head of state and the inquiry that preceded it was one of only a handful into crimes committed by world leaders. Below, a look at prosecution of current and past world leaders:
    06/27/2011 12:13 pm

  • Iran bans necklaces: quirky clothing bans around the world

    Countries ban all kinds of things, including clothing and accessories. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been in the headlines for unusual bans in the past, and its morality watchdogs have struck again, this time against necklaces. Below, some of the world’s strangest fashion bans:
    06/16/2011 01:50 pm

  • The five most dangerous countries for women

    TrustLaw, an organization that provides legal aid and information on women's rights, set out to determine which countries were the most dangerous for women. By polling more than 200 international gender experts on general perception of danger and six other issues – health threats, discrimination, cultural and religious norms, sexual violence, nonsexual violence, and trafficking – TrustLaw determined that women were at the most risk in the following five countries. (See full report here)
    06/16/2011 10:23 am

  • Italy to China: four countries sidelining nuclear power

    This week Italy became the most recent country to sideline nuclear power in the wake of Japan's nuclear crisis. Nuclear fears are prompting countries to attempt to decrease their reliance on nuclear power.
    06/14/2011 03:28 pm

  • Spain police crack Anonymous cell accused of hacking PlayStation

    The three members of the Anonymous group are alleged to have hacked government websites as well as the Sony PlayStation online store – though they were apparently not involved in the larger recent hacking of PlayStation users.
    06/10/2011 06:26 pm

  • Underdog candidate Carstens takes on IMF's European tradition

    Mexico's central bank chief Agustín Carstens faces an uphill battle against French frontrunner Christine Lagarde, who this week is lobbying India, China, and Egypt for support.
    06/07/2011 03:54 pm

  • Strauss-Kahn resignation: Who are his potential successors?

    The International Monetary Fund’s managing director has traditionally been a European male, often a Frenchman. But with Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s resignation amid sexual assault charges, the job is available. A woman is among the leading candidates, and contenders from emerging markets may vie for the top spot. Here’s a look at the possibilities.
    05/19/2011 03:25 pm

  • Taliban tunnel: Five militant escapes under US watch

    If Western audiences are inspired by the film "Shawshank Redemption" about a solo prison escape, then Taliban sympathizers must surely be heartened by today's spectacular escape of some 500 inmates from a Kandahar prison through a 1,180-foot-long tunnel. But while character Andy Dufresne had to dig out of Shawshank prison without any assistance, the Taliban prisoners are suspected of having help from guards. This is not the first jail break that has set back the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, nor is it even the first escape from this specific prison. Here's a short list of recent prison breaks (and one near-escape) in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    04/25/2011 02:15 pm

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