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  • Review: 'Fados'

    Carlos Saura's documentary on the 'blues' of Portugal showcases a string of marvelous performers including the great Amália Rodrigues herself.

  • Review: 'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'

    Review: 'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'

    Pumped-up sequel still manages to turn a magical idea into an uninspired theme park.

  • Review: 'Terminator Salvation'

    Review: 'Terminator Salvation'

    Set in postapocalyptic 2018, this latest installment of the 'Terminator' franchise with Christian Bale leading the resistance fighters is as intense and complex as ever.

  • Review: 'Adoration'

    Review: 'Adoration'

    Atom Egoyan's film tackles terrorism and anti-Arabism all within the complex folds of family life.

  • Review: 'Julia'

    Tilda Swinton is in high-drama mode in this complex kidnapping story that plays tone-deaf on many levels.

  • Review: 'Angels and Demons'

    This sequel to "The Da Vinci Code" keeps the dour tone as Tom Hanks steps in to thwart a plot against the Vatican from a secret society bent on revenge.

  • Review: 'Management'

    Jennifer Aniston plays a workaholic sales rep in this off-kilter romance with an unintended creepy side.

  • Review: 'The Limits of Control'

    Filmmaker Jim Jarmusch weaves the story of a mysterious loner on a criminal mission.

  • Review: 'Treeless Mountain'

    Intimate drama about two young sisters left with an aunt captures the frights and resilience of childhood.

  • Review: 'Star Trek'

    Review: 'Star Trek'

    For 'Star Trek' fans a new addition to the franchise that delivers some telling back stories about the young Enterprise crew.

  • Review: 'Rudo y Cursi'

    Review: 'Rudo y Cursi'

    A rags-to-riches-and-back-to-rags tale of two soccer-playing Mexican brothers spotted by a talent scout.

  • Review: 'Tyson'

    Review: 'Tyson'

    A fighter's frankness challenges our preconceptions.

  • Review: 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past'

    Matthew McConaughey's latest romantic comedy hauls out all the clichés and dumb dialogue for a predictable end.

  • Review: 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

    The newest installment in the X-Men series has Hugh Jackman fighting off mutants on every front.

  • Review: 'The Merry Gentleman'

    A quiet drama about a lonely hit man who befriends a woman escaping an abusive marriage.

  • Review: 'American Violet'

    Review: 'American Violet'

    Texas tale of a wrongful arrest digs into drug busts and racism.

  • Review: 'The Soloist'

    Based on the true story of a journalist who befriends a schizophrenic homeless man with a prodigious musical talent, movie doesn't resonate as deeply as it should.

  • Review: 'Earth'

    Beautifully filmed documentary follows the lives of three animal families – whales, polar bears, and elephants – and gently underscores our responsibility to the ecosystem.

  • Review: 'Il Divo'

    Portrait of corrupt Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti is a wild and confusing race through accusations and crimes.

  • Review: 'Goodbye Solo'

    Review: 'Goodbye Solo'

    Tender tale of an old man contemplating suicide and a good-natured immigrant taxi driver who tries to save him.