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  • Review: 'The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3'

    Review: 'The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3'

    Remake of 1974 thriller set in New York's subway bristles with high-tech gimcrackery as John Travolta and Denzel Washington play tense head games.

  • Review: 'My Life in Ruins'

    Review: 'My Life in Ruins'

    This romantic comedy stars Nia Vardalos as a Greek-American waylaid in Athens as a tour guide, who falls for the bus driver.

  • Review: 'Land of the Lost'

    Will Ferrell plays a washed-up scientist who gets thrown back to an age of dinosaurs in this struggling comedy, based on the '70s TV Show.

  • Review: 'Away We Go'

    Review: 'Away We Go'

    In this neohippie movie, a young couple travel the country in search of a new home to start their family.

  • Review: 'Summer Hours'

    Review: 'Summer Hours'

    This finely drawn French family drama is a meditation on our changing relationship to possessions.

  • Review: 'Up'

    Review: 'Up'

    Pixar's latest is the gracefully told story of a retired widower and his young stowaway who venture in the wilds of South America.

  • Review: 'Easy Virtue'

    Review: 'Easy Virtue'

    Despite aspirations to be more than a comedy, this revamp of Noel Coward's play survives on forced high spirits.

  • Review: 'Departures'

    Review: 'Departures'

    Quirky Japanese film follows a cellist's inadvertent career change to corpse dresser after his orchestra disbands.

  • Review: 'The Brothers Bloom'

    A classic con film set in the 1930s, Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody play siblings on their final trick.

  • Review: 'O'Horten'

    Review: 'O'Horten'

    A train engineer's take on retirement slips into the absurd in this surreal Norwegian comedy from director Bent Hammer.

  • Review: 'Fados'

    Carlos Saura's documentary on the 'blues' of Portugal showcases a string of marvelous performers including the great Amália Rodrigues herself.

  • Review: 'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'

    Review: 'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'

    Pumped-up sequel still manages to turn a magical idea into an uninspired theme park.

  • Review: 'Terminator Salvation'

    Review: 'Terminator Salvation'

    Set in postapocalyptic 2018, this latest installment of the 'Terminator' franchise with Christian Bale leading the resistance fighters is as intense and complex as ever.

  • Review: 'Adoration'

    Review: 'Adoration'

    Atom Egoyan's film tackles terrorism and anti-Arabism all within the complex folds of family life.

  • Review: 'Julia'

    Tilda Swinton is in high-drama mode in this complex kidnapping story that plays tone-deaf on many levels.

  • Review: 'Angels and Demons'

    This sequel to "The Da Vinci Code" keeps the dour tone as Tom Hanks steps in to thwart a plot against the Vatican from a secret society bent on revenge.

  • Review: 'Management'

    Jennifer Aniston plays a workaholic sales rep in this off-kilter romance with an unintended creepy side.

  • Review: 'The Limits of Control'

    Filmmaker Jim Jarmusch weaves the story of a mysterious loner on a criminal mission.

  • Review: 'Treeless Mountain'

    Intimate drama about two young sisters left with an aunt captures the frights and resilience of childhood.

  • Review: 'Star Trek'

    Review: 'Star Trek'

    For 'Star Trek' fans a new addition to the franchise that delivers some telling back stories about the young Enterprise crew.