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  • Review: 'Observe and Report'

    Review: 'Observe and Report'

    Dark comedy swerves uneasily between violence and goofiness as an egotistic mall cop grapples with anger issues.

  • Review: 'Paris 36'

    Period drama follows a young girl's career as she auditions for a music hall in prewar Paris.

  • Review: 'Adventureland'

    A young adult romantic comedy with a core of feeling that overrides the inevitable goofball gross-outs.

  • Review: 'Valentino: The Last Emperor'

    Documentary lauds the legendary Italian fashion designer and his four decades of making women 'beautiful.'

  • Review: 'Hunger'

    Review: 'Hunger'

    Drama about IRA member Bobby Sands's death fast in a Belfast prison looks at the high price of martyrdom.

  • Review: 'Shall We Kiss?'

    Review: 'Shall We Kiss?'

    French comedy puts a philosophical twist on romance as two lovers weigh the consequences of a kiss.

  • Review: 'Spinning into Butter'

    Review: 'Spinning into Butter'

    Adapted from a play, story hangs on a racial incident at a Vermont college, but suffers from staginess and stiff dialogue.

  • Review: 'Monsters vs. Aliens'

    Review: 'Monsters vs. Aliens'

    3-D animation is an affectionate riff on 1950s sci-fi movies with some high-caliber voice-overs.

  • Review: 'Sin Nombre'

    Review: 'Sin Nombre'

    A dramatic and sometimes brutal thriller about Central American migrants journeying to a better life.

  • Review: 'Duplicity'

    Review: 'Duplicity'

    Romantic thriller rolls out star power but leaves audience with an empty puzzle of a plot.

  • Review: 'The Great Buck Howard'

    Review: 'The Great Buck Howard'

    Malkovich is perfectly cast as the over-the-hill mentalist, who still dreams of making it big again.

  • Review: 'I Love You, Man'

    Review: 'I Love You, Man'

    Goofy comedy with a heavy lewd streak follows the travails of a groom looking for a best man.

  • Review: '12'

    Russian reinterpretation of Reginald Rose's "Twelve Angry Men" comes with a heavy dose of racism, anti-Semitism, and vodka swilling.

  • Review: 'Sunshine Cleaning'

    Review: 'Sunshine Cleaning'

    Inspired casting with Amy Adams and Emily Blunt pushes film beyond chick-flick territory.

  • Reviews: 'The Edge of Love'

    Reviews: 'The Edge of Love'

    Love, war, and poetry mingle in this dreary retelling of Dylan Thomas's famously tumultuous love life.

  • Review: 'Tokyo Sonata'

    Review: 'Tokyo Sonata'

    Director Kurosawa's bleak tale of a Japanese family unraveling after the father loses his job is painstakingly observed – and scary.

  • Review: 'Everlasting Moments'

    An emotionally resonant story about a Swedish mother whose passion for photography offers her an escape from an oppressive marriage.

  • Review: 'Harvard Beats Yale 29-29'

    Dramatic football game is given fresh life in this documentary about Harvard's win from behind in 1968.

  • Review: 'Watchmen'

    Review: 'Watchmen'

    Intensely violent superhero movie is a film noir for comic-book geeks.

  • Review: 'Phoebe in Wonderland'

    Review: 'Phoebe in Wonderland'

    An unconventional child explores the power of her imagination.