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  • Delivering our very best

    Consider this a mailbag of some of the other questions we’ve been hearing, questions you might be asking as well, about the Monitor’s newest publication.

  • America’s other refugees

    Regardless of Trump’s policies, it is important to understand why his words resonate – and to acknowledge that, in many cases, the problems they are bringing to the surface point to people who feel left behind.

  • Not settling for ‘good enough’

    How often, as a society, do we settle for imperfect solutions?

  • The persistence of progress

    Amid war and terror, famine and plague, The Monitor's confident hope in telling the world's story endures.

  • The pure spirit of science

    Science isn't about putting any nation first. It is about putting humanity's quest for knowledge first.

  • The courage of cause, the ease of effect

    The Western world is undergoing a fundamental change in its economic structure. The jobs that once sustained the Western working class are disappearing and evolving into new forms, and too many Western workers are not keeping up.

  • Surviving a mission of self-worth

    What happens when the value of an individual or a group is not acknowledged? What happens when the yearning to be understood is not met?

  • Keeping abreast of the times

    One major question we’ve been hearing from readers is, what is the relationship between the Weekly and the Daily?

  • A hands-on view of education

    When education becomes one-size-fits-all, it risks overlooking a nation’s diversity of gifts.

  • A different way of doing journalism

    What the world would most miss if the Monitor were to vanish, we believe, is its completely different way of seeing the news.

  • Sagebrush renaissance

    All sides are discovering that federal lands, run well, are neither a fiefdom of Washington nor a bulwark against wrongheaded cowherds. They are the vehicle by which important but competing claims can find balance. 

  • Who is ‘us’?

    By some important measures, the boundaries around whom we accept as part of “us” are particularly rigid at the moment. 

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Women pose for photographers on the first day of the Royal Ascot horse race in Ascot, England, on June 20.

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