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  • 'Fortress Israel' and 'The Generals'

    Authors Patrick Tyler and Thomas E. Ricks examine Israeli and U.S. militarism through the country's commanders.

  • The Big Screen

    David Thomson's 'The Big Screen' tells the story of the rise and decline of an art form that once played a central role in human life.

  • The Fish That Ate the Whale

    'The Fish That Ate the Whale' is an elegantly written cautionary tale about how hubris can destroy a powerful company.

  • There Was a Country

    Chinua Achebe offers a moving personal history of the short-lived African nation of Biafra.

  • Every Day

    'Every Day' is marketed at teens, but the beautifully written love story has plenty of adult appeal.

  • Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher

    Timothy Egan's book is a stunning portrait of Edward Curtis, the photographer who made it his mission to photograph Native Americans.

  • Syria

    The failures of Syrian autocrat Bashar al-Assad are laid bare by an American academic who once found the regime impressive.

  • The Man Who Saved the Union

    H.W. Brand's biography of America's sometimes overlooked 18th president is a good read for history buffs or anyone who enjoys a life story well-told.

  • Walking the Amazon

    Ed Stafford walked the length of the Amazon, a feat the experts assured him was impossible.

  • The Queen of Katwe

    How a new star of the chess world rose from the slums of Kampala.

  • "Lincoln's Hundred Days" and "Seward"

    Two new Lincoln-related biographies offer further evidence that we will never tire of reading about our sixteenth president.

  • Object Lessons

    This anthology of short stories from The Paris Review – selected by 20 contemporary authors – includes some deeply pleasurable discoveries.

  • Joseph Anton

    Salman Rushdie’s story of living under a ‘fatwa’ is ultimately a moving tale of fidelity to principle.

  • The Great Unexpected

    Sharon Creech's latest work – a mystery poised somewhere between fantasy and reality – is a true literary treat for ages nine and way up.

  • Tales of two Delhis

    Two very different books depict life in India’s second largest city.

  • The Long Walk

    'The Long Walk' is a powerful, intimate, disturbing look at the ways that war can infect the life of a soldier.

  • Winter of the World

    The second book of Ken Follett's 'Century' trilogy is a gift to lovers of popular fiction.

  • Fire in the Ashes

    Nearly three decades later, Jonathan Kozol revisits the families of deep poverty who have populated his books. 

  • Conning Harvard

    'Conning Harvard' is a fascinating look at a scandal written by a talented young journalist.

  • My Berlin Kitchen

    Blogger Luisa Weiss's celebration of German cuisine separates 'My Berlin Kitchen' from the pack of food memoirs.