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  • Worlds Apart

    Former US Ambassador to Austria Swanee Hunt writes hauntingly of the "grand intentions and missed opportunities" that prevented us from protecting Bosnians.

  • Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith

    British academic Andrew Preston offers a crisply written account of the historic intersection of religion and US foreign policy.

  • Devil in the Grove

    'Devil' is a compelling look at the case that forged Thurgood Marshall’s perception of himself as a crusader for civil rights.

  • March Was Made of Yarn

    A diverse group of writers lend their talents to the search for meaning after Japan’s tsunami.

  • The Big Dance

    Sportswriters Barry Wilner and Ken Rappoport tell how March Madness grew from an eight-team tournament in a rickety Illinois gym to a $10-billion business.

  • Rez Life

    This unvarnished mix of journalism, history, and memoir tells hard truths about life on America's Indian reservations.

  • Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

    Hoping for a better world – quickly? "Abundance" promises to take you there.

  • The Orphan Master's Son

    Adam Johnson's chilling but wonderfully written novel about present-day North Korea ranks as a contemporary 'Darkness at Noon.'

  • Going Solo

    Eric Klinenberg's thought-provoking new book charts the singletons who are too often misunderstood by policymakers and our culture.

  • The Lives of Margaret Fuller

    Margaret Fuller, problem child of American transcendentalism, gets fresh treatment from Pulitzer Prize-winner John Matteson.

  • Charlotte au Chocolat

    Her parents' restaurant was celebrated, but Charlotte Silver's childhood as a rich little poor girl was less glamorous than it looked.

  • Eisenhower in War and Peace

    Jean Edward's Smith's new biography obliterates earlier arguments that Eisenhower’s was a dull, torpid presidency.

  • Behind the Beautiful For­evers

    'Pure, astonishing reportage’ of makeshift life in an Indian slum.

  • Charles Dickens as journalist

    Charles Dickens – the great novelist – was also a journalist in love with the streets. 

  • The Last Great Senate

    Did the Senate really used to be a grand institution? Ira Shapiro argues that it was – and not that long ago.

  • All There Is

    These love stories recorded by StoryCorps remind us what matters most.

  • The Lady in Gold

    Every stolen painting has a story. The tale behind this one is epic.

  • FDR and Chief Justice Hughes

    The overlooked story of the hardworking justice who stood up to one of America's most popular presidents – and won a victory for posterity.

  • Da Vinci’s Ghost

    Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man has been called the world's most famous drawing. But what does it mean?

  • The Last Holiday: A Memoir

    Music legend Gil Scott-Heron's poignant memoir.