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  • Cow

    Florian Werner's book is a bright biography of the animal that's given us so much.

  • A Magnificent Obsession

    In the union of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert he played the leading role – and she was only too glad to have him do so.

  • Paris in Love

    Mary Bly – writing under pen name Eloisa James – turns her Facebook posts into a delightful diary chronicling 12 months in Paris.

  • Pitch

    Todd Boss's new book of poems, 'Pitch,' serves up subtle music from a young master.

  • Year of Reversible Loss

    A posthumous memoir from longtime Monitor poet Norma Farber.

  • 1616: The World in Motion

    This lavishly illustrated history of the year 1616 is both enthralling and frustrating.

  • Enemies: A History of the FBI

    Pulitzer Prize-winner Tim Weiner explores the fascinating but disquieting history of the FBI.

  • Quiet

    Is it getting harder to hear the quiet voices among us?

  • Driving Mr. Yogi

    More than baseball, 'Driving Mr. Yogi' is a book about friendship.

  • Wendell Berry: New Collected Poems

    "New Collected Poems" allows the playful, musical side of Wendell Berry's being to shine through.

  • The Crisis of Zionism

    Is the American Jewish establishment putting Israel's democratic ideals at risk?

  • Escape from Camp 14

    This true story of life in a North Korean prison camp may be the most disturbing book that you will ever read.

  • Salad for Dinner

    A hearty helping of recipes from author Jeanne Kelley will have you excited about eating your leafy greens.

  • What Teachers Make

    A defense of teaching from an impertinent, hilarious, and challenging teacher.

  • Reagan and Thatcher

    They may have been soulmates, but the special relationship of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher never did run smooth.

  • Contents May Have Shifted

    High-flying tales of life and love from the author of 'Cowboys Are My Weakness.' 

  • Rights at Risk

    Are Americans in the process of abandoning their rights?

  • Island of Vice

    Teddy Roosevelt takes on New York City: the Rough Rider vs. the Rotten Apple

  • Life Sentences: Literary Judgments and Accounts

    In 'Life Sentences,' author and critic William H. Gass entrances the reader with his lilting prose and skilled literary criticism.

  • Wonder

    Can a child with a facial deformity make it through middle school? This beautiful novel for middle-grade readers tells the story of a remarkable boy who does more than survive.