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  • Fire in the Ashes

    Nearly three decades later, Jonathan Kozol revisits the families of deep poverty who have populated his books. 

  • Conning Harvard

    'Conning Harvard' is a fascinating look at a scandal written by a talented young journalist.

  • My Berlin Kitchen

    Blogger Luisa Weiss's celebration of German cuisine separates 'My Berlin Kitchen' from the pack of food memoirs.

  • On a Farther Shore

    On the 50th anniversary of the publication of "Silent Spring," William Souder offers a compelling portrait of Rachel Carson and the birth of the environmental controversies we know today.

  • Interventions

    Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan writes of decades spent pursuing the elusive goal of world peace.

  • Strom Thurmond's America

    Strom Thurmond, the Senate's champion of segregation, endured long after the Dixiecrats were history.

  • Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story

    New Yorker writer D.T. Max offers up the first full-length biography of David Foster Wallace.

  • The Art of Haiku

    This uncommon book gives readers a chance to experience haiku both visually and textually. 

  • Aftermath

    Rachel Cusk has been accused of violating her family's privacy, but 'Aftermath' remains a brilliantly observed memoir.

  • Solo: A Memoir of Hope

    'Solo' – a no-holds-barred, tell-all autobiography – has already rocked some boats.

  • Loverly

    Any Broadway fan will find Dominic McHugh's story of the life and times of 'My Fair Lady' a fascinating read.

  • 'Bright Lights, No City' and 'My First Coup d'Etat'

    Two memoirs about Ghana – a country that is easy to love but confoundingly difficult to cultivate.

  • Embers of War

    'Embers of War' is an essential read on the tragedy of the Vietnam War.

  • The Distance Between Us

    Reyna Grande's memoir of Mexican illegal immigration puts a face on a political issue.

  • Gravity's Engines

    With 'Gravity's Engines,' Caleb Scharf establishes himself as one of the finest space storytellers.

  • The Fight For Home

    In 'The Fight for Home,' Daniel Wolf lets Katrina survivors tell their stories in their own words, and the result is revelatory.

  • Diaries

    Much of the material in George Orwell's 'Diaries' is of interest only to the most obsessive of Orwellians.

  • The Eighteen-Day Running Mate

    With the Paul Ryan announcement, writer Joshua M. Glasser's book is timely as well as impeccably researched.

  • 'Home is a Roof Over a Pig' and 'The Forgetting River'

    Two very different memoirs chronicle distant searches for family ties.

  • The Rise of Rome

    Classicist Anthony Everitt recounts the story of Rome's ascent to greatness as a republic and empire.