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  • The Distance Between Us

    Reyna Grande's memoir of Mexican illegal immigration puts a face on a political issue.

  • Gravity's Engines

    With 'Gravity's Engines,' Caleb Scharf establishes himself as one of the finest space storytellers.

  • The Fight For Home

    In 'The Fight for Home,' Daniel Wolf lets Katrina survivors tell their stories in their own words, and the result is revelatory.

  • Diaries

    Much of the material in George Orwell's 'Diaries' is of interest only to the most obsessive of Orwellians.

  • The Eighteen-Day Running Mate

    With the Paul Ryan announcement, writer Joshua M. Glasser's book is timely as well as impeccably researched.

  • 'Home is a Roof Over a Pig' and 'The Forgetting River'

    Two very different memoirs chronicle distant searches for family ties.

  • The Rise of Rome

    Classicist Anthony Everitt recounts the story of Rome's ascent to greatness as a republic and empire.

  • Dearie

    Julia Child's great success was built on both a willingness to innovate and an utter devotion to her craft.

  • South Wind

    Washington Post critic Michael Dirda weighs in on Norman Douglas' classic "South Wind" a 1917 novel that makes for hilarious and "utterly pagan" beach reading.

  • Showdown at Shepherd’s Bush

    'Showdown' is a peek into a fascinating moment in time at the Olympic Games.

  • Liar & Spy

    Newbery Medal winner Rebecca Stead's new children's book is a small masterpiece.

  • 'Shiloh 1862' and 'The Long Road to Antietam'

    Writer Winston Groom illuminates the personal side of a battle in 'Shiloh,' while Richard Slotkin's 'Antietam' is an eye-opening view of an engagement and a war.

  • Double Cross

    The wonderfully entertaining story of the spies who made D-Day possible is both improbable and true.

  • Harry Lipkin, Private Eye

    Harry Lipkin is the genuine article – an 87-year-old gumshoe, sporting dentures.

  • Resilience

    While some of the language is cumbersome, Andrew Zolli's book is a good place to start to understand the global economy.

  • The Lucky Ones

    One author’s fight for farm animals.

  • The Wives

    The six Russian literary wives profiled in this book went well beyond the call of duty to help their adored author-husbands.

  • Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach

    Sassy crime reporter Jimm Juree returns in Colin Cotterill's new mystery series set in Thailand.

  • Why Does the World Exist?

    A simple question proves thorny in Jim Holt's new book.

  • Where They Stand

    When it comes to picking presidents, voters may do as well as academics.