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  • Stopping the 'neknominate' drinking game

    'Neknomination' is a game that challenges participants – mostly young adults – to binge drink, then challenge their friend to 'one-up' their performance. What was offline is now appearing on social networks. Here's how to stop the pressure on teens.

  • 120K gamers play 'TwitchPlaysPokemon' together

    More than 14 million viewers over the last six days have been watching a video game played live online, by more than 120,000 players. 'TwitchPlaysPokemon' is amassing a worldwide following, and spurring discussions about civics along the way.

  • Lessons from the Sochi Winter Olympic Games

    Here are lessons learned from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

  • Indecent T-shirts? One Utah mom's solution (+video)

    Indecent T-shirts? The shirts featured pictures of scantily dressed women in provocative poses. So Judy Cox spent $567 to buy all of them in the PacSun store.

  • Why a Kansas lawmaker seeks 'red welt' spanking guidelines (+video)

    Kansas is one of 19 states in America that allows corporal punishment. But a Kansas lawmaker would like to sharpen the definition of spanking, by allowing up to 10 strikes of the hand.

  • Should parents tell kids to skip the SAT?

    A new study published by the National Association for College Admission Counseling explains that optional testing policies for universities, instead of requiring SAT or ACT scores, can provide a broader reach for finding talented students.

  • Why bronze is beautiful at Sochi Olympics (+video)

    The Sochi Olympic Games have been the toughest for US Olympians since 1988, a shift from recent Olympics spent on the top tier of the podium. Good thing our Olympians have shown plenty of examples why Bronze is still valuable.

  • Is there a solution to Valentine's Day?

    A mother of four boys tries to help her sons navigate the stormy waters of young love. Applying 'Star Trek' logic, she realizes that no matter your approach, Valentine's Day will always remain an unsolved mystery. The best you can do is gather data and improve your approach for next year.

  • A primer on modern manliness

    The way that society defines "manliness" is changing. The NFL is preparing for its first openly gay player, fathers are taking a bigger role in childcare in the home, and the military is working to better support male and female soldiers' roles as parents.

  • Sharing a meal is the best Valentine's Day gift

    As many around the world celebrate Valentine's Day, one mom underlines the importance of feeding the soul, through sharing a meal with loved ones. From romantic dinners at home, to hosting lots of family and friends, good food never fails to fill everyone with love.

  • Kids drop soda for coffee? (+video)

    A new study published in the journal Pediatrics delivers the latest research numbers on caffeine intake for Americans kids. While the consumption of caffeine hasn't increased in recent years, the sources have shifted – from mostly soda to also including coffee and energy drinks.

  • Getty Images dumps cliched stock photos for new 'Lean In Collection'

    Getty Images in partnership with Lean In has launched the 'Lean In Collection' of stock photos, replacing the cliched, sterilized images of women and girls we have come to see on everything from billboards to magazine ads. 

  • Teaching kids to care, one book at a time

    One online library is a living catalogue of books, movies, and other media to help you, and your kids, put yourselves in someone else's shoes. Check out the new Empathy Library.

  • More kids struggle where the US income gap widens

    In US counties where personal incomes cluster on opposite sides of the rich and poor spectrum, children might endure more neglect and abuse, according to a new US study. 

  • What's wrong with yoga pants?

    A school in Massachusetts bans girls from wearing yoga pants, while Lululemon still stings from the effects of fat-shaming women. Can we find balance around pants that are supposed to work for balance poses?

  • Want a purebred dog for the family? Do your research.

    Families inspired by the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show to bring home their own purebred dog will want to do their research to make sure they find the perfect fit. Here are some tips for finding the perfect companion.

  • Do kids take water for granted?

    As California struggles with a drought that has lasted for months and West Virginia slowly regains potable water after a chemical spill, one writer wonders if kids understand where water comes from when it flows from the tap. 

  • Three house rules to live by

    Raising caring, thoughtful children all starts with respect, inside and outside the home. No matter what other rules apply in your household, starting with the bottom line of respect can help parents build thoughtful guidelines for their kids and themselves.

  • Shirley Temple: Lessons for child stars and the rest of us

    Shirley Temple Black, better know publicly as Shirley Temple, pioneered such a clear and simple trail to child stardom that many of today’s young stars might benefit from wisdom gained from America’s most famous child star. Here are some examples of simple wisdom learned from her as a child and as an adult.

  • Interracial marriages: diversity not defined (+video)

    Interracial marriages and mixed-race families still struggle to be recognized as the representation of regular Americans. One mom in an interracial marriage realizes that she has set limits on herself, and pushes to break her own boundaries, starting in the kitchen.