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  • Doyin Richards dad duty photo should be the norm

    Blogger Doyin Richards was surprised that an image of him styling his daughter's hair went viral online and received a lot of attention, both positive and negative. One mom wonders how we move past the wow factor to treat moms and dads as equals.

  • Why food stamp cuts could mean higher healthcare costs

    Doctors warn Congress that cutting food stamp programs may be shortsighted. Food stamps cuts may lead to health concerns for family's lacking access to proper nutrition. That, in term, could increase federal healthcare spending.

  • US parents stuck in Congo with adopted children

    Justin Carroll and his wife, Alana, are among scores of American couples caught up in wrenching uncertainty, as a suspension of all foreign adoptions imposed by Congolese authorities has temporarily derailed their efforts to adopt.

  • Cursing toddler video: Why are we so intrigued by cursing kids?

    Search online for the cursing toddler video posted by friends of a teen mom in Omaha, and find lots more just like it. Why are we so interested in cursing kids and why are we shooting video of them in the first place? 

  • Team sports versus team building debate splits household

    Team sports can bring out the best and sometimes the worst in athletes and fans alike. When parents debate team sports for their kids, there may need to be a referee involved.

  • Kindle FreeTime: Parental controls and kid-friendly content

    Kindle FreeTime review: Inc.'s Kindle FreeTime gives parents an easy way to block grown-up content. It offers an optional subscription service that includes thousands of kid-friendly books, games and videos for a monthly fee. 

  • The unsung joys of being a carpool parent

    Being the designated carpool parent has its drawbacks, but this mom finds that the time in the car with her kids and their friends offers her a window into their lives that she wouldn't trade for anything.

  • Baby talk study: One-on-one builds language skills quickly

    A new study soon to be published in the journal Developmental Science finds that baby talk in a one-on-one setting, as well as how vowel sounds in words are exaggerated, are linked with better language development skills. One mom realizes that jokes are a big part of her baby talk repertoire.

  • Candace Cameron Bure: Submissive role doesn’t equal weakness

    Candace Cameron Bure has released a book in which she advocates for a "submissive" role as a wife to her husband. One riled mom reacts, then realizes there's more than one way to lead a household, especially after her son surprises her with the news that she is second in charge to dad.

  • Old Spice 'Mom Song' hits close to home

    The new Old Spice ad featuring moms having a hard time watching their boys acting like grown men, and smelling like them too, hits close to home for a mom of four boys currently engaged in a war of scents.

  • 'Tiger Mom' needs a bear hug (+video)

    'Tiger Mom' Amy Chua is back to tell parents how to get the job done by making their kids more fiercely competitive. Meanwhile, one 'Kung Fu Panda Mom' bear hugs her kids, knowing control is an illusion.

  • Handwritten notes: Lifelines of love

    Handwritten notes are an expression of love. Even a simple smiley face or the words 'I love you' in ballpoint pen are more than enough.

  • Anne Lamott offers parents a way forward, one stitch at a time

    While keeping the big picture in focus can help keep families on a positive trajectory, this blogger lauds Anne Lamott's reminder, 'If you fixate on the big picture, the whole shebang, the overview, you miss the stitching.'

  • New Year's un-resolutions

    A new New Year's resolution: Create some un-resolutions to cut down on the parenting to-do list.

  • Supervolcano blowing smoke? Young scientist says so.

    Supervolcano reports in the news are capturing the attention of many parents, but plugged-in kids might find a supervolcano of little surprise after what science fare they find online.

  • Wounded veterans' new mission: Stopping child predators

    Wounded veterans specially trained in computer forensics are working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement field offices. Their mission? Stop child predators. 

  • Online safety starts offline

    While the recent Snapchat breach has reignited calls for 'external' Internet safetyguards for kids, including monitoring and filtering, guest blogger Anne Collier suggests that focusing on 'internal' safeguards could help prepare kids to handle whatever threats come their way, online or off.

  • Winter storm Hercules: Herculean effort to help homeless

    Winter storm Hercules: It takes a Herculean effort from one mom to set an example for her kids and help homeless adults, teens, and families through winter storm Hercules.

  • Healthcare website lacks mechanism to add new baby may be up and running, but individuals expecting a new baby and other major life changes are likely to encounter new hoops to maintain coverage.

  • Marijuana legalization clouds teen perception of risk, calls for discussion

    Marijuana legalization: While many Colorado residents rang in the new year by lining up outside newly opened pot dispensaries, parents around the country are facing new challenges in educating teens about the risks of marijuana use. 

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