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  • Baby Book 2.0: I parent, therefore, I blog

    The rise in mom and dad blogs over the last decade is staggering. Billions of parents of all kinds have taken to the Internet to share tales of their kids and their adventures, live-blogging childhood in ways more immediate than any hardbound baby book.

  • Study into youth online behavior delivers international insights

    A new study and paper from Canada's premier digital and media literacy organization, MediaSmarts, offers valuable data on the online behavior of young adults. Though the study targets Canadian youth, the insights have international appeal.

  • Elephants escape circus: Parents can't escape animal issues

    Elephants escape circus in St. Louis, reminding some parents that the childhood joys of seeing the circus have to be balanced with a respect for the elephants that are trained to entertain.

  • Why are foreign adoptions in the US on the decline?

    A report released Friday from the US State Department says that the adoption of foreign children from US parents declined 18 percent last year, and is the lowest is has been in more than 20 years. Why are American families not adopting?

  • How well do you know children's music? Take our quiz.

    The children's music genre has come a long way in recent years, with popular adult musicians and bands creating their own kid-friendly albums, and popular kid groups like "Yo Gabba Gabba" selling out shows in major arenas around the world. From catchy classics that get stuck in your head, to songs that sound like nails on a chalkboard, how well do you know children's music?

  • Mentoring: Full circle care for elders and youth

    Gerald R. Ronning – known better as Mr. Gerald – is a master chess player, and an instructor for kids in need. He is also a curmudgeon at times. The whole package makes him the perfect mentor. 

  • Mommy wars: One mom against herself

    One mom plays out the mommy wars debate – stay at home or stay at work – not against others, but with herself. A one-woman argument results, with this mom taking both sides.

  • Sheryl Sandberg's 'Ban Bossy' campaign meets critics

    Sheryl Sandberg and the Girl Scouts' 'Ban Bossy' campaign includes star-studded supporters, share-worthy content for social media, and some vocal critics. 

  • Choose gardens over cleaning to celebrate spring equinox

    Spring Equinox: One mom eschews spring cleaning for some good, old-fashioned, digging in the dirt. She learns the best way to bond with her kids is tending to garden beds, not wiping muddy prints off the floor.

  • Favorite spring Google Doodles

    Here's a look back at some favorite Google Doodles from years past celebrating spring flowers and holidays in true Google fashion.

  • Where do bullies come from? Questions raised by 'Brony' battles

    Where do 'Bronies' come from? What do they represent? How can we educate kids and adults about the cultural influence that is creating a community shooting down stereotypes? 

  • How to tackle difficult conversations

    It's important to determine when it's appropriate to speak up on a sensitive issue, and how to do so when there is a need. Here are seven tips from a professional facilitator for tackling tough conversations.

  • Grayson Bruce 'Brony' bullying: Do adults teach bully behavior?

    Grayson Bruce was bullied for his 'My Little Pony' backpack, only to be told by his school to leave it at home to avoid triggering bully attacks. The response from the school prompts the question: How much does adult response inspire kids to tease?

  • Baby Book 2.0: Sharing baby photos in a digital age

    Parents no longer just take pictures of their kids to mail with holiday cards or hang in a frame on the wall. Now parents document nearly every moment of their babies' young lives. 

  • Family traditions woven together

    One daughter-in-law reflects on her regret after spurning her new mother-in-law's family traditions, later learning as a mother herself to embrace the differences and weave them into her own family's traditions.

  • 'Pint-size philanthropy': Kids swap gifts for donations

    A growing number of nonprofits say they are being helped by pint-size philanthropists who are willing to give up their gifts from birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other celebrations to donate to a good cause.

  • Sleep deprivation: Time to put it to bed (+video)

    Sleep deprivation: Each March, World Sleep Day places sleep deprivation in the spotlight, raising awareness for how we embrace our sleep patterns. One mom realizes that a night-owl husband and tech-connected kids aren't helping with sleep deprivation around her house.

  • Michelle Obama encourages healthier home cooking

    Michelle Obama began focusing on the nation's childhood obesity problem as soon as she arrived at the White House in 2009. She said Friday that a new focus on her effort will include encouraging more people to cook at home.

  • Calculating women: How to get more girls into math

    Pi Day has become a national celebration of math, and offers the perfect opportunity to get kids interested in the fun of solving puzzles.

  • Pi Day: Great for math and tastebuds (+video)

    Pi Day gives math fans a chance to celebrate the popular ratio, and foodies the chance to make a play on words and bake their favorite pies. When your family celebrates both, its the perfect equation for fun.