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Mick Jagger, Joss Stone part of new ‘Supergroup’

A source says the group has completed recording an album and video and is shopping the material around to various labels.

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Another source says the group has completed recording an album and video and is shopping the material around to various labels. Jagger and Stewart have reportedly been working together for a while and have both worked a bit with Stone in the past.

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Perhaps it is all about the “fun,” but more cynical observers might wonder if the new project could be a creative if not a somewhat in-your-face effort on Jagger’s part to show fellow Rolling Stone Keith Richards that he’s not just a Rolling Stone after all. Richards pulled few punches in his book, Life,last year when its pages revealed his opinion of Jagger’s previous solo efforts; not to mention a literal below-the-belt shot at the Rolling Stones frontman’s reproductive accessories.

That’s not to say Super Heavy is all about Jagger proving he’s a force to be reckoned with even without the old boys behind him, but perhaps it explains part of why he’s chosen to be included. Richards has been making news lately as the swashbuckling father of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of The Caribbean character and maybe old Mick is feeling a bit overshadowed these days.

Speculation about another Stones tour continues and is likely to until a new tour is announced or they decide to call it quits. Hopefully it does not turn into another Led Zeppelin situation where they fade away slowly amidst unfounded rumors, reports and indecision.

As we’ve seen with other supergroups, their formation does not always spell the end of the groups that members that are active participants in other groups. It’s too early to say it’s over for the Stones and if Sir Mick is having a good time working with other artists, more power to him. If Super Heavy is more than spokespeople claim it is, there will be more news in the pipe before too long and maybe we’ll actually get a listen.

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