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  • Les Paul: The best songs played on today's Google guitar

    Les Paul: The best songs played on today's Google guitar

    In a single Google doodle, the search engine somehow captured both of Les Paul's incredible contributions to modern music: The solid-body electric guitar, shown in the look and sound of today's Google logo; and multitrack recording, presented, in some degree, through Google's clever record feature. This interactive Les Paul tribute caught the imagination of armchair guitarists across the country, no doubt derailing office productivity in the process. Since strumming with your mouse is a little imprecise, Google also allowed people to play through their keyboards. Once you click the record button, type any number key to pick at a corresponding string. The 1 key plays the lowest note, 0 strums the highest. Plus, if you hit several number (or letter) keys at a time, you'll play a chord. YouTube has many excellent recordings from the Google guitar. Here are some of the best, in no particular order. The final page of this story will have some instructions on how you can play your own version. If you record a good session, share it with the world by posting the URL in our comments section.

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