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  • 'Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems' invites a new generation of readers to discover William Stafford

    Son Kim speaks for his father William Stafford, shaping a powerful new collection from the thoughtful poet's work.

  • The Wrong Enemy

    Who is the true enemy in Afghanistan? NY Times reporter Carlotta Gall points the finger at Pakistan.

  • Casebook

    The elusive nature of happiness is the theme that runs through Mona Simpson's sixth novel, about a California teen who spies on his parents as their marriage crumbles.

  • 'Updike' and 'John Updike: The Collected Stories'

    Biographer Adam Begley explores the life of the American writing legend in 'Updike,' while the Library of America has released a collection of 186 Updike short stories in the boxed set 'John Updike: The Collected Stories.'

  • Egg

    Michael Ruhlman recognizes the humble white orb as a fundamental building block of cooking.

  • Bark

    Does this new short story collection jibe with Lorrie Moore's rock-star reputation?

  • Utopia or Bust

    In a series of sharp and witty essays, novelist and Marxist thinker Benjamin Kunkel works his way through some of the left's most complex scholarship.

  • Pete Rose: An American Dilemma

    Sports Illustrated staffer Kostya Kennedy explores the controversial baseball star's life in a smart, balanced biography.

  • The Harlem Hellfighters

    In graphic novel form, 'World War Z' author Max Brooks tells the story of the 369th Regiment, the first African-American infantry unit to fight in World War I.

  • All Our Names

    Dinaw Mengestu's powerful third novel toggles between Uganda and the Midwest to tell the story of two young men who come of age during an African revolution.

  • The Bombers and the Bombed

    Richard Overy's exhaustively researched, well written, and definitive new book undertakes a complete review of the Allied air war in Europe.

  • A Place in the Country

    Essays from the author of 'Austerlitz' offer clues to the inner life of a beloved but often enigmatic writer.

  • Every Day Is for the Thief

    A Nigerian expatriate returns to Lagos, with altered vision.

  • The Age of Radiance

    Hope, fear, pathos, and drama pack this history of the Atomic Age.

  • Hollow City

    Ransom Riggs offers up a sequel to his popular young adult novel 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.'

  • The Divorce Papers

    Susan Rieger's debut novel is a witty and charming epistolary novel, constructed entirely from the case file of a very nasty divorce.

  • E. E. Cummings: A Life

    Was the poet famed for his lowercase aesthetic an all-caps talent?

  • The Accidental Universe

    The physics behind reality may be hard to grasp – but Alan Lightman makes trying fun.

  • Life Is a Wheel

    What can you learn about life biking from Oregon to New York?

  • The Cairo Affair

    Olen Steinhauer has penned a high-stakes international thriller that expertly blends dubious government behavior with memorable characters.