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  • Garry Winogrand

    The lifework of Garry Winograd is also a personal commentary on three decades of life in America.

  • Havisham

    Ronald Frame imagines the past of an iconic Dickens character – the jilted and vengeful Miss Havisham.

  • The New Countess

    'The New Countess,' the final book in Fay Weldon's trilogy set in the Edwardian era, showcases Weldon's deep knowledge of both the era and human nature.

  • The Hunter and Other Stories

    A new collection of Dashiell Hammett's works includes some crime stories but also shows Hammett's exploration of other genres.

  • Old Man River

    Magazine writer and author Paul Schneider offers an engaging exploration of the history of the Mississippi River and its impact on American life.

  • Tatiana

    Martin Cruz Smith returns to investigator Arkady Renko in a thriller that is an intricate page-turner.

  • A History of the World in 12 Maps

    This deep dive into cartography leads to an exploration of religion, science, and history.

  • Eleanor & Park

    Rainbow Rowell's love story is the best young adult title to be released this year.

  • The Great War

    How to truly understand the scale and cost of the Battle of the Somme? Artist Joe Sacco depicts the horrific World War I conflict in a 24-foot-long panoramic drawing.

  • Monsters

    Rich Cohen looks at the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears team as well as the history of the Bears and of Chicago itself.

  • The Boy Detective

    Roger Rosenblatt's latest memoir finds the author retracing the New York paths he walked during boyhood.

  • The Heir Apparent

    This may be the definitive biography of Britain's Edward VII – a man who grew from spoiled prince to beloved monarch.

  • Sycamore Row

    John Grisham brings back "A Time to Kill" protagonist Jake Brigance.

  • Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking

    Anya Von Brezmen's memoir describes her childhood in the USSR and how she and her mother cooked their way through their memories.

  • Double Down

    Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, the team behind 'Game Change,' chronicle the 2012 presidential election.

  • This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

    Novelist Ann Patchett's excellent essay collection ranges from dogs to writing to white-knuckled air travel.

  • The Hidden White House

    Historian Robert Klara tells the compelling, surprising story of Harry Truman's little-known battle to preserve one of America's most famous buildings.

  • End of Days

    James L. Swanson provides a basic, clear-eyed, and complete narrative of Nov. 22, 1963, plus its prologue and aftermath.

  • At Night We Walk in Circles

    In an unnamed South American country, a young boy comes of age, joins a theater troupe, and is taken on a journey in which art and life become blurred in confusing and violent ways

  • The Ariadne Objective

    Wes Davis examines an extraordinary World War II mission – the kidnapping of a German general – and the swashbuckling men of letters who carried it out.