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  • The Most Dangerous Man in America

    Historian Mark Perry has crafted a perceptive, authoritative biography of the legendary general.

  • Love & Treasure

    Ayelet Waldman has built a haunting and clever story around the Hungarian Gold Train, which held the possessions of Hungarian Jews killed in the Holocaust.

  • Can't and Won't

    Uncoiling a Booker Prize winner's tightly wound collection of short – at times very short – stories.

  • The Little Girl who Fought the Great Depression

    Why Shirley Temple was one of the most iconic figures of 1930s.

  • Pushkin Hills

    A comedy of Russian art and politics finds a frustrated writer being torn apart at the seams.

  • American Spartan

    Journalist Ann Scott Tyson examines the complicated life of Army Special Forces Major Jim Gant.

  • A Fighting Chance

    Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has a good story to tell and she tells it well.

  • A Window on Eternity

    Entomologist Edward O. Wilson chronicles the audacious – yet successful – effort to bring Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park back to life after near devastation.

  • Border Patrol Nation

    Journalist Todd Miller explores life under the expanding watch – and lucrative industry – of Homeland Security.

  • I Am the Beggar of the World

    A collection of short poems and photographs give lyrical voice to the citizens of Afghanistan's borderlands.

  • Poison Spring

    A former employee of the Environmental Protection Agency charges the United States government with turning a blind eye to the systematic poisoning of America’s food supply, animals, water, and people.

  • Gandhi Before India

    Author and historian Ramachandra Guha tells the story of a complicated clash of civilizations, embodied in the experiences of the young Mohandas Gandhi.

  • Creativity, Inc.

    How does Pixar turn out movie after movie that's praised for originality and character development? The studio's co-founder and president Ed Catmull offers an inside look at how Pixar nurtures creativity.

  • In Paradise

    A novel about a guided tour through Nazi concentration camps makes for a haunting end to the life and career of 20th-century master Peter Matthiessen.

  • 'Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems' invites a new generation of readers to discover William Stafford

    Son Kim speaks for his father William Stafford, shaping a powerful new collection from the thoughtful poet's work.

  • The Wrong Enemy

    Who is the true enemy in Afghanistan? NY Times reporter Carlotta Gall points the finger at Pakistan.

  • Casebook

    The elusive nature of happiness is the theme that runs through Mona Simpson's sixth novel, about a California teen who spies on his parents as their marriage crumbles.

  • 'Updike' and 'John Updike: The Collected Stories'

    Biographer Adam Begley explores the life of the American writing legend in 'Updike,' while the Library of America has released a collection of 186 Updike short stories in the boxed set 'John Updike: The Collected Stories.'

  • Egg

    Michael Ruhlman recognizes the humble white orb as a fundamental building block of cooking.

  • Bark

    Does this new short story collection jibe with Lorrie Moore's rock-star reputation?