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Monitor Archive for May 1, 2007

Debate season opens in '08 presidential race
In imams' airline case, a clash of rights, prejudice, security
If Web broadcasting goes mainstream, you could be a star
Israeli leaders face scathing report on war
Supreme Court declines to enter fray on detainee trials
With Oakland highway's collapse, a 'wake-up' call
Ex-communist purge bumps up against EU values
Britain's longest terror trial yields biggest success yet
Reporters on the Job
In heart of India, a little-known civil war
Letters to the Editor
Untying Turkey's head-scarf knot
Making a difference amid a school's culture of cruelty
End sex discrimination for good
How did Al Qaeda emerge in North Africa?
The diplomat known as 'Mr. X'
'The Sea Lady': a fishy kind of love story
Book bits
Growing up a 'Hapa Girl' in America
An alternate reality, with Yiddish in Alaska
Spring Breeze
Fresh winds
It was part (and parcel) of another era
They're just whistlin' in Dixie
The iPod generation in stitches
High court: police can use violent means to end high-speed chases
Global terror report: steep hike in Iraq, Afghanistan